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"Because you, brothers, were marked out to be free; only do not make use of your free condition to give the flesh its chance, but through love be servants one to another."(Gal.5:13)

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A few Words about the Church

The Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren is a Christian church containing traditions of Czech and European reformation, founded in 1918 by the connection of two protestant currents: the Lutheran and the Calvin one. It is a church based on testimony of the Bible, first of all on the gospel. Though some of its traditions go back up to the 15th century, it tries to be a modern church dealing with up-to-date world’s problems. Its organization is formed by principles of democracy.

Since its foundation in 1930 until the summer 2001, the congregational house hadn’t been reconstructed and so its facade remained the same. Original colors couldn’t been recognized any longer, the house became one of gray buildings in a gray street for many years. Just a copper chalice with the Bible at the front wall announced the difference from other houses – but even this was damaged and hard to be noticed. There was a need for reconstruction for a long time, but first for inside rooms and for the roof of the assembly hall.

Nowadays the facade is brand new with new front doors and with reconstructed chalice above them. In the opposite of the original look, remained on photographs, the new surface has changed both colors and a few of “important details”. It is not the end of itself. The author of the design, Ondřej Smolík, an architecture student, says:

“I was always a little ashamed that our church didn’t look like a church and that it didn’t differ form other houses in the street at all. Many of my friends even didn’t want to believe that I attended a church without any tower. And maybe many people passing by on Sunday mornings couldn’t understand why so many people were sinking into the basement of a gray block of flats. That was the reason why I tried to express the house to be a church. One of the attributes of a church is a tower and so here it became one of the main elements of the design. Brick-red sheet in the middle symbolizes the corps of church that is in fact hidden inside in the courtyard.”

Minister of the Congregation Pavel Klinecký -
Address of the Parish: Kralická 4, Praha 10 Strašnice 100 00, phone: +420-274 811 226, E-mail:
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Head of the Elders: Petr Kocna M.D., Ph.D. -
Vice-head of the Elders: Ladislav Janeček, Ing. -

Everyone is welcome

Services for both Adults and Children   Sunday 9:00 a.m.
Senior Club   Wednesday 2:00 p.m.
Confirmation Class   Wednesday 4:45 p.m.
Youthgroup Meetings   Wednesday 6:00 p.m.
Bible Study for Children   Thursday 4:00 p.m.
Middle Age Sessions   Friday 7:30 p.m.

About the Congregation

FotoSbor The Strašnice congregation is situated in the former suburb of Prague (now not far from the centre of the city, near the underground station) and belongs to large and active congregations of the Prague area, having about 800 members. It took an origine in 1930s from which time the building is. The assembly hall is an interesting room constructed in so-called functionalist style (though the building looks like a common house from outside).
Besides Sunday services, the life of the congregation offers many activities for all generations – both for members and for people coming from outside. Every Christian or everyone who wants to meet the words of Bible is welcome.

Sermon for You

Sermon for You - The Czech WWW site is offering every month one sermon by our minister Pavel Klinecký. Here you find some of them kindly translated by Iva Garrett (Dallas, TX), Petr Spirko, Dan Páleník, Eva Mrozková, Ivan Lutterer, Petr Brož and Marie Čapková.

Sermon translation
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Current Results
The never-ending story of life is headed to its destination through loveRo 15: 1 – 3
Connecting the unconnectableJohn 8: 2 - 11
Leaving and ArrivingRo 13: 11 – 14
Silence is Silver, Speech is GoldenPsalm 32, 1-5 + 10-11
The Healing of a Boy with an Evil SpiritL 9, 37 - 43
Eternity - The Most Important Current AffairePsalm 93
Job´s news Jb 42, 12 - 17
A perenially maintainable advancement of faith Eccl 7, 15 - 20
Peace like a River Is 48, 17 - 18
Sacrifice is gain Mk 12, 41 - 44
Falling Towers Luke 13, 1 - 5
Simon and Peter, Two Within Us Luke 22, 31-34
Deadline for a Fig Tree Luke 13, 6 - 9


Photo – Chronicle, you can find here photos of excursions, camps, concerts and many other meetings of our Strašnice congregation . Six MPEG videoclips of Christmas Theatre (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003) are also available.

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