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Last updated: December 29 2014

You can find here photos of excursions, camps, concerts and many other meetings of our Strašnice congregation . Also some pictures of nature are available at this www site which is actualized continuously. The newest photos are ordered at the head of this page.

Photo – Chronicle 2013/2014

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Photo-Divadlo-2014_1 Photo-Divadlo-2014_2 Photo-Divadlo-2014_3 Christmas Performance 2014
An original Christmas play with songs is always a yearly "sermon prepared by children for the whole congregation." This time the focal point of the play named " How Stars See It" was in the question, how it was possible to recognise the new born Redeemer. The children from Strasnice Sunday school played the play on Saturday, December 20 - 2014, in evangelical CCE congregation in Uhrineves and on Sunday 21 - 2014 (the forth advent Sunday), in Strasnice during the church service. The texts of the play and the songs are by Tomas Najbrt, music was composed by Filip and Madlenka Klineckys. On Evangnet you can find 75 selected photos - PhotoGallery - Vánoční divadlo 2014.

Photo-Advent-2014_1 Photo-Advent-2014_2 Photo-Advent-2014_3 Advent Congregation Afternoon
We rescheduled the Advent gathering to the first Advent Sunday, November 30, 2014. Our youth prepared, as already a tradition is, the programme - the youth theatre group prepared the new play of Tomas Vojtisek called "Coming," the chamber trio under the leading of sister Vojtiskova played Largo of J. Eccles and the Strasnice vocal group sang for us several Christian songs. The programme was topped up with a traditional tombola of Diakonie products, refreshment, Carol singing and chatting.

PhotoStrasVernisaz_Ivan2014-1 PhotoStrasVernisaz_Ivan2014-2 PhotoStrasVernisaz_Ivan2014-3 Exhibition Opening of Ivan Jilemnicky's Graphics.
It was again one more exhibition opening,which took place in our yellow room on Friday, November 21, 2014. For this time we invited the film director Petr Skala, who made a film about Ivan Jilemnicky. The film was broadcast by Czech Television too. On the occasion of the exhibition opening of Ivan's graphics we could remind us again this documentary picture. The "Yellow Room" gained so another new exhibition, which the visitors, in the time of congregational actions, can fully enjoy.

PhotoStrasKonfirmace2014-1 PhotoStrasKonfirmace2014-3 PhotoStrasKonfirmace2014-2 Confirmation Ceremony
The church service on Sunday -19th October 2014 - was the church sevice on Thanksgiving - Sunday too. It was the celebration for the whole congregation, where four young people were baptised, ten young peopole confirmed and they all participaded in The Lord's Supper too. In the Photo Gallery on Evangnet you can find 50 selected photos - Photo Gallery - Konfirmace 2014.

PhotoStrasChotebor2014-1 PhotoStrasChotebor2014-2 PhotoStrasChotebor2014-3 The Congregational Weekend in Chotebor
In the last weekend in September - from 26th to 28th September 2014 - we organised again, together with the Smichov congregation, a traditional weekend in the evangelical centre in Chotebor. This year in an abundant number of 60. The natural trail in Sbobinov created the theme of Saturday afternoon. In the evening there was the traditional campfire and of cause singing songs with guitar, keyboard and bass. Our minister Pavel Klinecky prepared the Sunday church service. On Evangnet it is possible to find 55 selected photos - PhotoGallery - Chotěboř 2014.

PhotoVyletTurnov_2014-1 PhotoVyletTurnov_2014-2 PhotoVyletTurnov_2014-3 The Bus Trip with the Smichov Congregation
Also this year we were invited by Smichov congregation to a bus trip to Turnov region, on Saturday 14, 2014. The Smichov congregation prepared the trip, which we started with the visit of the church of Virgin Mary Assumption in Mohelnice nad Jizerou (build in 12th century). Our main aim was the neogothic castle in Sychrov, connected with the stay of very important Rohan's noble family having a French origin. Afternoon we visited preserved and renovated Jewish synagogue in Turnov and the last point of our itinerary was the stay of Unity of the Brethren in Turnov situated in a historical house "Na Sbore".

PhotoSobehrdy_NS_2014-1 PhotoSobehrdy_NS_2014-2 PhotoSobehrdy_NS_2014-3 Weekend's Sunday-School Camp in Sobehrdy
It is quite easy to describe briefly the children's Sunday school weekend, from 16th to 18th May 2014: terrible weather, but great kids, great leaders, great program. Twenty five kids aged from 3 to 14 experienced, during the weekend, several themed plays, inspired by the film story of the princess Mononoke. The fight against dark powers, the rescue the forest from enemies wanting to destroy it, the spirit of the wood, which we helped to survive. The kids overwhelmed all the enemies not regarding the whole day raining and cold. And then singing, chatting and good food. Being together is better than playing mobile games alone.

Photo-CeskyRaj-2014_1 Photo-CeskyRaj-2014_2 Photo-CeskyRaj-2014_3 On First May to the Czech Paradise
Our traditional trip to the Czech Paradise - May 1, 2014 - was again prepared by Jan Balcar. We were thirty-four this year + three four-footed reinforcements.This year's itinerary ran through Bunclava and Skalka to Cerne Louze and further on to Nova Ves and Branzez. In spite of rainy afternoon we did not omit the visit one of the most famous rock-castles, Valecov.

Photo-Velikonoce-2014_1 Photo-Velikonoce-2014_2 Photo-Velikonoce-2014_3 Easter Afternoon
The youth of the Strasnice congregation prepared for us, as usual, the Easter afternoon on Palm Sunday, April 13, 2014. The Sunday afternoon opened Alzbeta Hanychova with a biblical reflection and the children dramatic group played the play "Fransisek Nebojsa by Jan Werich in Filip Dusek's dramatization. Our chamber orchestra under the leading of the sister Vojtiskova played Trio by Jan Krtitel Vanhal and Melodies by Natalje Baklanova. The Strasnice congregation youth surprised us with the Passion theme "And you were there?" The program of Easter meet in Strasnice was completed by common singing and a rich refreshment with Easter lamb-cakes. In the photo gallery on Evangnet you can find 30 selected photos - PhotoGallery - Easter 2014.

Photo-Vernisaz Lydie Sloufove-2014_1 Photo-Vernisaz Lydie Sloufove-2014_2 Photo-Vernisaz Lydie Sloufove-2014_3 The Opening of Lydie Sloufova's Exhibitions of tapestries and gobelins.
Lydie Sloufova from the evangelical Koranda's congregation (ECCB) in Plzen presented her work of tapestries, made of technology art-decor and art-profic, and gobelins at the opening of her exhibition, on Friday 14th March 2014. The art-decors are in fact not weaved tapestries made with the help of a special machine, probably only one of this kind in Milada Hynkova's workroom in Kdyne. The tapestries are in reality a sort of an airy painting created with a help of textile, more precisely of wool staff. The "Yellow Room" of our congregation gained in this way a new exhibition, which the participants of congregation actions can fully enjoy.

Photo-Lednove koncerty-2014_1 Photo-Lednove koncerty-2014_2 Photo-Lednove koncerty-2014_3 January Concerts in Strasnice
It was again Jan Balzar who already for the sixteenth time prepared the cycle of January concerts in Strasnice. The first concert on 12th January 2014 was the music of W.A.Mozart, R.Lischka, J.S.Bach, N.Paganini, F.X.Brixi and A.Dvorak in the interpretation of Jan Penuska (viola) and his family chamber orchestra - Jan and Matous Penuska's (violin), Marcela and David Penuska's (violoncello). At the second concert, on 19th January, we could hear the compositions of J.S.Bach, A.Vivaldi and M.Bruch in the interpretation of Marie Waldmannova - violoncello and Premysl Ksica - organ. At the third concert, on 26th January, the performers Jakub Dvoracek - piano and Jan Keller - violoncello presented Slavic dances of Antonin Dvorak, the compositions of J. Dvoracek and M. Summer and first of all the jazz improvisations using themes from evangelical hymnbook. The concerts were always accompanied by a biblical reflection.

Photo-Vanoční divadlo-2013_1 Photo-Vanoční divadlo-2013_2 Photo-Vanoční divadlo-2013_3 Christmas Performance 2013
How was it in reality? No, the children didn't play the classical etuda with the native scene and three kings. In an odd company on the stage they forgot already what the Christmas was about. It was even forbidden to remind its original sense. But several children and adults decided to reveal the original sense of Christmas. They had to visit museums, to overcome interdictions and persecution. They discovered the bible, brought into the light hundred times repeated lies and found out what Christmas brings. In the firing line of this fight stood children, little ninjas, crusaders for joy and the truth. In that way they discovered for themselves, for those around, but first of all for the audience "how it was in reality". The author of the play was Tomas Najbrt, music composed Filip Klinecky and Tomas Najbrt. The children introduced the play on 15th December 2013 (the third Advent Sunday) during the church service and a day sooner in the CCE congregation in Uhrineves too. The text of the play and of the songs it is possible to download from web - Text and songs - PDF file, on Evangnet you can find 65 chosen photos - Photo Gallery 2013.

Photo-Advent-2013_1 Photo-Advent-2013_2 Photo-Advent-2013_3 Congregational Advent Afternoon
It was the youth, who by tradition prepared the congregational Advent meet - on the second Advent Sunday, December 8, 2013. The dramatic group played the fairy story of Werich " After Leaves Fall off an Oak", the youth theater group introduced the new play of Majda Sipkova-Zivna " Three and More". The children's chamber orchestra played the music of Danish anonymous and the youth's choir sang three Swedish Christmas songs En stjärna lyser sa klar (Tore W.Aas), Nu tändas tusen juleljus (Emmy Köhler) and Sankt Staffans visa. The program was topped up with the traditional tombola with Diakonie products, refreshment and Christmas singing and talking. There are 40 chosen photos in the photo gallery on Evangnet - Fotogalerie - Advent 2013.

Photo-NsangoMalamu2013-1 Photo-NsangoMalamu2013-2 Photo-NsangoMalamu2013-3 Christmas Concert of the Nsango Malamu Choir
Nsango Malamu is a group, founded in Prague, that the authentic spiritual and traditional songs of Angola and Congo sings. Nsango Malamu means, in the language Lingala, "a good news", so a Gospel. In the Christmas concert, 2nd December 2013, we could hear series of songs in African languages Lingala (Ngala), Kikongo (Congo) and some songs in Kiswahili (Swahili) language, e.g. Kota na boato na Masia (Hear the Voice of One Calling), Mpeve tulombele (Holy Spirit Come Down) and many others. More information it is possible to find on web www.facebook.com/groups/Nsangomalamu/.

Photo-Vernisaz2013-1 Photo-Vernisaz2013-3 Photo-Vernisaz2013-2 The Opening of Dana Manta Vorackova's Picture Exhibition
On Friday, October 25 - 2013, we invited in our "yellow" room the painter Dana Manta Vorackova, the authoress of eight pictures and one carving. Her works will in the next months contribute to the art-atmosphere of the room. Mrs. Dana shared with us her spontaneous approach to the creation, as well as her spiritual world. Her pastels, oil paintings and the ceramic plastic aroused a vivid response, some of her works are already reserved for their future happy possessors. The opening proved again the openness of the Strasnice congregation to the various forms of spiritual searching as well as its feeling for art and non-verbal common sharing.

PhotoNedelkaVinor2013-1 PhotoNedelkaVinor2013-2 PhotoNedelkaVinor2013-3 The Trip of Sunday School Children to Radonice.
This year's autumn trip of Sunday school children led us, on Saturday (October 12, 2013), to Nemcovy's family farm and dairy in Radonice. We could see and try a big agrarian technology, we acquainted us with the production of cheese, yogurt and other delicacies. In a near game park we could play several plays. The weather was nothing much, but it couldn't put us in a bad mood.

PhotoStrasChotebor2013-1 PhotoStrasChotebor2013-2 PhotoStrasChotebor2013-3 The Congregational Weekend in Chotebor
The traditional autumn congregational weekend we spent again in the evangelical center in Chotebor - in the last weekend in September, from 27th to 29th September 2013. The trip we organized again together with the Smichov congregation. This year there was a lot of young children - 30. The youth and adults were in the number of 54. It is true that this year's sunny weekend was a bit colder then that last year's one, but in spite of that sunnier. The youth devoted the Saturday afternoon to football and netball, the afternoon trip went past Doubravka to Bilek. In the evening there was the traditional campfire and of cause singing songs with guitar, violin and bass. Both ministers prepared the Sunday's church service cooperatively. On Evangnet it is possible to find 95 selected photos - Photo Gallery - Podzimní Chotěboř 2013.

PhotoTravna_2013-5 PhotoTravna_2013-3 PhotoTravna_2013-2 A Weekend of your Youth (Mountains) in Travna
As every year we were, with the youth of Strasnice, in the mountains (August 4 - 10, 2013). This year we were for the first time in the famous church center in Travna, nowadays possessed by the civic association "Setkavani" (Coming Together). Our program consisted of trips and biblical stories, interpreted in the form of micro-drama scenarios. Have you been already witnessed of the process of law with the culprits of the judicial murder of Jesus Christ? Have you experienced a TV talk show with the family of a prodigal? We have. We fast to the core experienced too, how it is to become a recovered witch or a miraculously liberated prisoner.

Photo_Luznice_2013-1 Photo_Luznice_2013-3 Photo_Luznice_2013-2 The Strasnice's Youth on the river Luznice
This year (25.7. - 1.8. 2013) we went away to sail the river Luznice in the number of 8 experienced but still young water sportsmen. The choice of Luznice river was caused by higher water-level in Czech rivers. Luznice surpassed our expectations in spite of the fact, that it hasn't a lot of rapids. Anyway we discovered the romantic beauty of this so called „old river“ and a lot of passable weirs in the down river. We didn't loose good humour neither by troublesome insect nor by the necessity to paddle the still water of the biggest Czech pond Rozemberk. In the boots we spent longer time than usually - we went to sail the seventh day too. Yet we are looking forward to the next year.

Photo_Tabor_NS_2013-1 Photo_Tabor_NS_2013-2 Photo_Tabor_NS_2013-3 Children's Summer Camp in Jiretin pod Jedlovou
This year we set out to the summer school camp in a new direction - north. In the closeness of the village Jiretin pod Jedlovou we found beautiful grounds having been prepared for us - with bungalows, romantic clubroom, fireplace, totems. This year we took there half a hundred children - from our Sunday school and from elsewhere too, and this time for twelve days (June 29 - July 10, 2013). Children and leading staff too, they all transformed themselves into Indian tribes, mastering indiancrafts and being familiar with local nature. There was the necessity to defend the village and fight against the enemy tribe of Larmis. At the end we defeated the evil tribal chief Vu-ur and gained peace for our villages and our tribes. But no less important was gaining a lot of new experience and skills e.g. - making fire, building Indian slides or overcoming fear or laziness, gaining the ability to come to agreement with the others, to found common ground with them and a lot of other things.

PhotoVyletSmichov_2013-1 PhotoVyletSmichov_2013-2 PhotoVyletSmichov_2013-3 The Bus-Trip of Our and the Smichov Congregation
In this year's trip, June 15, 2013, we were invited to take a part by the Smichov congregation, which also the trip prepared. The first object of our sightseeing tour was the castle of the architect and sponsor Josef Hlavka. The castle is the seat of his foundation too and usually is not open to the public. The second tour led us to the baroque church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Prestice. After dinner in the brewery Blue Star we visited the very interesting church of St. Vitus and that in the days of St. Vitus celebration and the celebration of 770 years of Dobrany foundation. Finally we visited the very devastated convent in Chotesov, which in the year 1950 the army took over and where the famous songster Karel Kryl served, since the year 1963, a part of his military service.

PhotoSobehrdy_NS_2013-1 PhotoSobehrdy_NS_2013-2 PhotoSobehrdy_NS_2013-2 The Sunday School Weekend in Sobehrdy
This year's Sunday school weekend ( May 17-19, 2013) in Sobehrdy took place in the stiffing atmosphere of the world's end. Children won in the fight with a dragon even if the fight was really cruel. But then the children had to fight with other dragons, tiredness, laziness and on Saturday morning with rain and cold too. They beat everything. In addition to this great play we had an opportunity to play smaller plays, to sing and to play the guitar - simply it was a small tasting of the main summer camp. But this one is already fully engaged.

PhotoCeskyRaj2013-1 PhotoCeskyRaj2013-2 PhotoCeskyRaj2013-3 On 1st May to the Czech Paradise
Our traditional trip to the Czech Paradise - May 1, 2013 - was again and excellently prepared by Jan Balcar. The trip of 25 participants began on a rail-car from Hruba skala to Borek pod Troskami. Then we walked from Vidlak pond to Hruba skala and then rock-foothpaths along, over Adamovo loze to the lookout Marianska, which is possibly the most beautiful lookout in this region. Then to Prokop and back to Radanovice. As usual, the sunny weather we enjoyed too.

PhotoVelikon2013-1 PhotoVelikon2013-2 PhotoVelikon2013-3 Easter Afternoon
The youth of the Strasnice congregation prepared for us, as usual, the whole Easter afternoon on Palm Sunday, March 24, 2013. The Sunday afternoon opened Alzbeta Hanychova with her biblical reflection and it was Pavel Hanych who moderated the whole afternoon. The children dramatic group played the play „The Legend of St. George the Dragon Slayer“ adapted for our children by Filip Dusek Our still increasing chamber orchestra, under the leading of the sister Vojtiskova, interpreted two Passion compositions, the first for chamber quintet, the second for violin and guitar. Strasnice youth played the play, written by Slovac evangelic Protestants, called „Hands“ and as a surprise three vocal compositions from different eras and different localities of world. The compositions were titled „The Full Well“, "Hava Nagila" and "Siyahamba". The program of Easter meet in Strasnice was completed by common singing and a rich treat with Easter lamb-cakes. In the photo gallery on Evangnet you can find 40 selected photos - PhotoGallery - Easter 2013.

PhotoKoncerty2013-1 PhotoKoncerty2013-2 PhotoKoncerty2013-3 January Concerts in Strasnice
It was again Jan Balzar who already for the fifteenth time prepared the cycle of January concerts in Kralicka. This year's cycle was opened with the concert of soprano soloist Irena Troupova with the accompaniment by Jan Strinek (baroque violin) and Lukas Vendl (organ). The first concert took place on Sunday, 13th January 2013 and the program consisted of the compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach. The second concert, on 20th January, was an organ concert, where Vladimir Roubal played the compositions by F.J.Seger, J.Fr.D'Adrieu, D.Buxtehude, J.S.Bach and his own excellent improvisations. At the third concert, on 27th January, we could here the duet Claire Foltzer (violin) and Marie Waltmann (violoncello). On the program were the duets by E.Schulhoff, B.Martinu, R.Glier, Z.Kodály and O.Kukal. The concerts were always accompanied by a biblical reflection.

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