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Last updated: January 25, 2009

You can find here photos of excursions, camps, concerts and many other meetings of our Strašnice congregation . Also some pictures of nature are available at this www site which is actualized continuously. The newest photos are ordered at the head of this page.

Photo – Chronicle 1998 - 2000

Photo-Chronicle, previous part of this photogallery
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PhotoDivadlo2000-1 PhotoDivadlo2000-2 PhotoDivadlo2000-3 Christmas theatre
This year’s play was written by Daniel Řehák, a young member of our congregation, under the title “Everything Has its Sense, Don’t Cry”. It was performed on 3rd Sunday of Advent, December 17, 2000 in the congregational hall, the senior house and also in the evangelical church at Libčice, 15 km from Prague.
Videoclip in MPEG (11.7 MB) is available: Video 1' 15".

PhotoAdvent2000-3 PhotoAdvent2000-2 PhotoAdvent2000-1 An Advent Afternoon
This traditional meeting was held even on 1st Sunday of Advent, December 3, 2000. Children’s chamber orchestra, small jazz band of youth and a short children’s theatre were the main performances.

PhotoZidmesto-1 PhotoZidmesto-2 PhotoZidmesto-3 The Jewish Town of Prague
Prague ghetto (the Jewish Town) was visited on Sunday 5th November. Excursion with a professional guide lasted for three hours and continued even the next Sunday. We visited 5 synagogues, old Jewish cemetery and Jewish museum.

PhotoBrandys2000-2 PhotoBrandys2000-1 PhotoBrandys2000-3 PhotoBrandys2000-4 Autumn Trip of the Sunday School
This trip - in October 2000 - was aimed to recognize the congregation of Brandýs nad Labem (about 13 km NE from Prague) and the lovely surroundings of this town. This trip was successful not only for the really fair weather.

PhotoChotebor2000-2 PhotoChotebor2000-1 PhotoChotebor2000-3 PhotoChotebor2000-4 Weekend in Chotěboř
This year’s weekend (September 2000) was elongated for whole week as the school holidays by the occasion of ICF and WB meeting were held in Prague. Young people shared sports and music; we together listened to an organ concert at St. James church in Chotěboř. Also the Chotěboř airfield was an attraction.

PhotoBelec20-2 PhotoBelec20-1 PhotoBelec20-3 Children’s Camp at Běleč nad Orlicí
This countrywide children’s camp is not usual for the fact that there happens the meeting of children who never saw each other before. The most important for leaders is to be ready for that and to make an environment for children to get used to one another quickly, to become friends and to enjoy the programme. Author of this year’s game was Tomáš Najbrt, as well as of the last year’s one. Now children “followed the Israelites” on their journey from the land of slavery through desert to the land of freedom. There was a continuous programme with games, songs and kidding in the camp. It taught children to feel a freedom as a gift.

VodaHron1 VodaHron2 VodaHron3 VodaHron4 Boating Holiday on the Hron River
Youth of our congregation including older children spent a part of their holidays by boating on the Hron in Slovakia, as every year. There were 19 members with 10 boats, under the leading of Pavel Klinecký. Pictures photographed by Ondra Černý are available on FTP server, for login+password please contact him by E-mail.

PhotoDodatek-EZ-1 PhotoDodatek-EZ-2 PhotoDodatek-EZ-3 The Appendix of Evangelical Hymn-book
A festival meeting by the occasion of the edition of new Appendix of Evangelical Hymn - book was held on Saturday 3rd June in our congregation. Pavel Smetana, the moderator of ECCB and Hans – Jürg Stefan, president of European Conference of Evangelical Music, made short speeches. The choir “De Profundis” from Pilsen conducted by Miloslav Esterle sang excerpts from new Appendix.

Vylet_NS1 Vylet_NS Vylet_NS3 Sunday School Trip
This year’s trip was aimed to forests near Prague, along the Sázava River. On Saturday 27th May we visited wood - cutting works, sat around the fire and shared a beautiful day.

PhotoKonfirmace2000-3 PhotoKonfirmace2000-2 PhotoKonfirmace2000-1 Confirmation Ceremony 2000
Confirmation ceremony was held on Sunday 14th May this year. Seven young boys and girls were accepted as members of the congregation. So the group of youth of our congregation becomes ever wider.

PhotoKokořín-1 PhotoKokořín-2 PhotoKokořín-3 Common Trip outside Prague
Congregations from Prague – Žižkov organized a trip for children and youth on Saturday 13th May to Kokořín castle and its surroundings (about 50 km from Prague). Everybody was satisfied not only for the weather to have been fair indeed.

Slavnost 70.let-1 Slavnost 70.let-1 Slavnost 70.let-1 The Place where you are standing
a festival meeting by the opportunity of 70th anniversary of building of the congregational house was held on 9th April. Pavel Smetana, Moderator of the ECCB, Tomáš Bísek, the Senior of Prague and a lot of guests spoke by the afternoon meeting. Also our friends from Netherlands visited us. Bohumír Rabas played organ works in the musical part of programme. The congregation issued a publication with the same name by this occasion.

KoncertMila Concert of the Church Choir
Singers and musicians with their families meet every year in July at the church base in Chotěboř. There was formed a choir conducted by M. Esterle which prepared a concert in our Congregational House on Sunday 30th January.

PhotoRitornello Chamber and Organ Concerts
They have already become a tradition in our congregation. On Sunday 16th January the programme of music of 16th and 17th century “David and Solomon” by the ensemble Ritornello was performed. Besides singing, there were presented some historical instruments: lute, theorba, baroque guitar, zing etc.

PhotoDivadlo1999-1 PhotoDivadlo1999-2 Christmas Theatre
Confusion in Bethlehem is a Christmas play written by Igor Oswald from Brno, Filip Klinecký composed music. Children of our Sunday school performed it under the leading by Milena Klinecká. Christmas theatre was introduced on Sunday 18th December at the house of seniors of Prague 4 and on Sunday 19th December in the congregation of Strašnice.

Videoclip in MPEG (7.4 MB) is available: Video 1' 12".

PhotoOrchestr PhotoHra An Afternoon of the Advent Time
In the afternoon 12th December there was an Advent programme in our congregation. Chamber orchestra of children and youth – all of them members of the congregation – played under the leading of Pavel Balcar. The author of short theatre Seek and Destroy was Daniel Řehák.

PhotoDvojplosnik1 PhotoDvojplosnik2 Historical Flight
The excursion over Prague surroundings on the board of historical AN 2 biplane was organized on Sunday afternoon, 10th October 1999. This aircraft has a capacity of 12 passengers. The interest was out of any expectance, 73 persons took part so flight courses took all the afternoon (7 courses). Cruising speed of this aircraft was 180 km per hour in the height of about 300 meters.

PhotoChotebor1 PhotoChotebor2 PhotoChotebor3 Weekend in Chotěboř
It already traditionally belongs to early autumn. In church base at Chotěboř we spent a weekend together with our friends from congregation of Prague – Uhříněves this year. We had a short tourist trip, young people made some sports and in the evenings we sang songs.

PhotoBelec1 PhotoBelec2 Summer Children Camp in Běleč
Summer camps are held in the camping center named after J. A. Comenius at Běleč nad Orlicí. Programme for children was as usually prepared by our minister Pavel Klinecký with young people mostly from Strašnice congregation.

PhotoKonzertLondyn Concert of Children from London
Pupils of Godstowe Preparatory School from London performed their concert of very wide repertory on Sunday 30th May 1999, in a framework of their tour around the Czech and Slovak Republic.

PhotoValecov1 PhotoValecov2 PhotoValecov3 Trip for Valečov Castle
It was organized on 15th May 1999 by students of Evangelical Faculty of Theology and by congregations from Prague - Žižkov. Though the weather wasn´t ideal, the trip was perfectly prepared with a lot of interesting stops all along the trail.

PhotoCeskyRaj1 PhotoCeskyRaj2 On First of May to the Czech Paradise
These trips also became almost a tradition. Number of people taking part at this trip was very large this year; we traveled with 17 cars. We visited rocks and castles in the north - east part of Bohemia, so-called Czech Paradise.

PhotoDivadlo PhotoMuzika Advent and Christmas Meetings
In the afternoon 13th December children’s chamber orchestra played. Children’s theatre Devil Christmas was performed on Saturday 19th December in the house of seniors in Chodov.

Videoclip in MPEG (9.4 MB) is available: Video 1' 31".

PhotoKonfirmace Confirmation ceremony 1998
Photo of the confirmation ceremony in February 1998. Nine boys or girls were admitted as full-right members of the congregation.

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