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Last updated: October 10, 2011

You can find here photos of excursions, camps, concerts and many other meetings of our Strašnice congregation . Also some pictures of nature are available at this www site which is actualized continuously. The newest photos are ordered at the head of this page.

Photo – Chronicle 2010

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Photo-VanoceDivadlo-2010_1 Photo-VanoceDivadlo-2010_2 Photo-VanoceDivadlo-2010_3 Christmas Theater 2010
On Saturday 18th December 2010 in Cesky Brod and one day later in our chapel in Kralicka street the children of Sunday School played the play titled "The Colourful World or not the Blue but the Colourful Planet" by Tomas Najbrt and the music by Filip Klinecky. The text of the play and the songs can be downloaded from web - Text and songs - PDF file, on Evangnet it is possible to find 75 selected photos - Photo Gallery - Christmas Theater 2010.

Photo-Advent-2010_1 Photo-Advent-2010_2 Photo-Advent-2010_3 Advent Sunday Afternoon
The traditional congregation advent meet on the second advent Sunday, 5th December 2010, prepared, as usual, our youth. The biblical reflection of Pavel Hanych was followed by the wild story " Where the wilds live" based on the book by Maurice Sendak - in the adaptation of children's drama group, The children's chamber orchestra performed three compositions - Three King's Day Intrada, In this Christmas Time and Minuet by Schubert. Our youth prepared the play by Daniel Rehak " Seek and Destroy". The programme of the advent meet in Strasnice was completed with a common singing of Christmas songs, rich refreshment and the tombola for the support of Diakonie Centre Ratolest. On Evangnet in the Photo-Gallery you can find 30 selected photos - Photo Gallery - Advent 2010.

Photo-Konfirmace-2010_1 Photo-Konfirmace-2010_2 Photo-Konfirmace-2010_3 Confirmation Ceremony
The Sunday church service on 21th November 2010 became a joyful event for the Strasnice congregation. The confirmation of five young people was followed by the Sacrament of Christening and Eucharist. The confirmation is a ceremonial congregational assembly, where new young brothers and sisters are admitted into the congregation. They have been prepared for it for a long time – they have acquainted themselves with the fundamentals of Christian confession, Bible and Christian history. But the most important is their personal trust in the real Lord of life. The ceremony is then the completing of such ripening – and the beginning of the further ripening. The preaching text for downloading - document Word-RTF. On Evangnet you can find 45 selected photos - Photo Gallery - Confirmation 2010.

PhotoNS-Jilemnicky2010-1 PhotoNS-Jilemnicky2010-2 PhotoNS-Jilemnicky2010-3 The Exhibition Opening of Pictures by Ivan Jilemnicky
On the occasion of a middle generation meet, on Friday 5th November 2010, the exhibition opening of pictures by the sculptor Ivan Jilemnicky was held. For the next period of year so called "Yellow Room" got a new appearance - nine pictures - the designs of statues. Inspiration takes Ivan Jilemnicky in the nature, in his home country in the neighbourhood of Horovice, but first of all in the Bible. It is the spiritual dimension which joints him with the poet, painter and theologist Pavel Rejchrt, As a part of the opening we could hear the poetry by Pavel Rejchrt.

PhotoNS-Hostivar2010-1 PhotoNS-Hostivar2010-2 PhotoNS-Hostivar2010-3 The Autumn Trip of Sunday School Children
On Saturday, 16th October 2010, the children, in the strength of 11+11, set out for an adventurous expedition to the woodparc in Hostivar. The goal of the trip was the almost camp-play called „Saving the Princess Juliana from the Power of a Sorcerer“. Children's group proved during the day sufficient wisdom and gained an armour and sword in order to overcome the sorcerer. At the end of the play a rich king-feast was waiting for the children. In the afternoon the children played plenty of plays being prepared for them by the Sunday school teachers. On Evangnet in the Photo-Gallery you can find 70 selected photos - Photo Gallery - Hostivař 2010.

PhotoStrasChotebor2010-1 PhotoStrasChotebor2010-2 PhotoStrasChotebor2010-3 The Congregation Weekend in Chotebor
The traditional October weekend in the evangelical center in Chotebor is always the possibility of meet for all generation. There were 51 participants, who set out for this year's weekend from 1st to 3th October 2010. Jakub Hala told us us about Rumania, with projection of photos, Saturday's trip to Ronovec castle was more successful this year – our group was taken to the castle by a carriage (tossed not by horses, but by a little tractor). The youth went in for football, in the evening there was the usual campfire and of cause singing songs of various genres with guitar, bass and violin. On Evangnet you can find 50 selected photos - Photo Gallery - Chotěboř 2010.

PhotoWeisBach_2010-1 PhotoWeisBach_2010-2 PhotoWeisBach_2010-3 A Week of Youth (Mountains) at Bily Potok
This year it was our minister Pavel Klinecky, who lead a week's stay (mountains) of our youth at Bily Potok, in the term from 1th to 7th August 2010. 21 participants in the total, in addition to trips and fellowship, meditated on the subject „ Christian and other Mystique and its Challenge in 21th Century.“ The topic was accompanied by practical exercises and was accepted with appreciation and possibly with the participant's benefit too. The stay was terminated dramatically by a flood. On Saturday Bily Potok was flooded and this caused dividing the group in two parts. The first subgroup ended at the evacuative center in Hejnice, the second one remained, with two cars, at Bily Potok, being cut off of any escape. At the end the participants of the second subgroup succeeded in finding a way over the ridge of Jizerske mountains. Everything turned out well and it seems that in addition to the above mentioned topic the youth carried off the unplanned „adrenalin experiences“ too.

PhotoVodaSazava2010-1 PhotoVodaSazava2010-2 PhotoVodaSazava2010-3 The Strasnice's youth, this year on Sazava (River)
In the last week of July, from 25th to 30th July 2010, the group of Strasnice's youth should experience a traditional boating. Most of us were looking forward to the Dunajec river, which we promised ourself in the last year. But due to fewer staff we had to throw in the towel. So we sailed the well known river Sazava and it was exceptional. The river Sazava, as it is well known, flows always like „oil“, but the last day it changed beyond recognition and also for seasoned boaters it became an exceptional and splendid experience. Our intimate group enjoyed good humor, vacation well-being and a nice weather.

PhotoHorice_NS_2010-1 PhotoHorice_NS_2010-2 PhotoHorice_NS_2010-3 Strasnice Sunday School Camp
The topic of the Sunday-school camp in Horice, in the term from 3th to 10th July 2010, was the campaign against Malcom - Kyrandie. At the camp we returned to the places, we were already twice before, for the last time the year before last - to the sculptor Ivan Jilemnicky's workroom. This year the camp was well attended in spite of the fact, that the choice of the date was not easy. At the end there were 26 children participating in the camp. Together with eight assistants they created the group crowding the artist's workroom to bursting even though some leaders used to sleep directly under a beautiful starry sky. We had there really good time. The atelier in Horice and its surrounding garden, nearby forests were lovely and as created for the camp plays. The local bathing was beautiful too, for children ideal, even if we had to walk there but not too far. Many thanks to Jilemnicky family. Photo Gallery of this year's camp - Photo Gallery - Sunday School Camp Hořice 2010

PhotoSobehrdy_NS_2010-1 PhotoSobehrdy_NS_2010-2 PhotoSobehrdy_NS_2010-3 Weekend's Children Meet in Sobehrdy
The Sunday school teachers organized again the spring weekend's meet of our congregation in Sobehrdy from 11th to 13th June 2010. The topic of this year's mini-camp was the conflict of Elias with the priests of Baal on the mountain of Carmel. There were 27 participants in the camp. The children enjoyed the whole weekend participating this struggle, in the forest they threw balls at targets - the enemies of Elias, decoded a complicated cipher in order to find a sacrificial bull and after the final night play Elias defeated untruthful prophets and on the stage a sacrificial bull caught fire. It was Pavel Klinecky, who prepared the Sunday church service in Sobehrdy, including several songs with guitar and piano. In photo gallery on Evangnet you can find 50 selected photos - Photogallery - Soběhrdy NŠ 2010.

Photo-Krumlov-2010_1 Photo-Krumlov-2010_2 Photo-Krumlov-2010_3 Congregational Bus-Trip to Cesky Krumlov
Cesky Krumlov was the destination of our this year's trip, on Saturday 5th June 2010. In this nice town, full of sunshine, we could meet a large offer of interested places. The castle with all its parts including the castle garden, the revolving platform and the castle tower, then Egon Schiele Art Centrum, the Photo-Studio Seidel museum, grounds of the former Minorite-monastery, where took place the exhibition of the local basic art school. Then the excursion to the Eggenberg brewery and the visit of a graphite mine. At the end of the trip we visited a congregation of our church - predicate station - in Kaplice, with its new built Archa. In the photo-gallery on Evangnet there are 40 selected Photos - Photo gallery - Cesky Krumlov 2010..

Photo-Klecandr-2010_1 Photo-Klecandr-2010_2 Photo-Klecandr-2010_3 Concert of Slavek Klecandr
Slavek Klecandr is a Czech singer, a songster and the front-man of the music group Oboroh. The concert in our congregation, on Friday 4th June 2010, was his solo recital. We could hear above all psalms and the songs from his new album " Concerning the case of waking up." Discography you can find on web of Oborohu.

Photo-CeskyRaj-2010_1 Photo-CeskyRaj-2010_2 Photo-CeskyRaj-2010_3 On 1st May to the Czech Paradise
Approximately 40 participants took part in the traditional trip to the Czech Paradise on 1st May 2010. This year's travel - from Hrazky to Drhleny - lead Pavel Balcar and the weather was much better than the weather forecast had offered. The itinerary lead over the Komarov pond-dike to Hrazka and further to Srbsko, through the Kostelec forest to the Fararsky pond. Then to Drhleny and through the Zlunsky valley back to Nova Ves.

PhotoVelikon2010-1 PhotoVelikon2010-2 PhotoVelikon2010-3 Easter Afternoon
Easter congregational meeting on Palm Sunday was traditionally prepared by our youth. Sunday afternoon, 28th March 2010, opened Pavel Hanych with his biblical reflection. Emilie Jilemnicka prepared, with the children's dramatic group, the play by Jan Werich "The Queen Scooter the First" (the dramatization Aneta Buckova and Emilie Jilemnicka). The Strasnice youth performed the play "Gethsemane" by Majda Sipkova. It was again the youth, together with our minister, who supplemented the Easter congregational afternoon with singing several songs with guitar acconpaniment.

Photo-JanskeLazne 2010_1 Photo-JanskeLazne 2010_2 Photo-JanskeLazne 2010_3 Janske Lazne 2010
The group of participants of so called thirty-years-old, and first of all Mr and Mrs Capek, organized excellently a winter week during spring vacations (from 6th to 13th March 2010) in Janske Lazne – holiday resort Sola Fide. To one week's stay arrived families with little children who could do there not only skiing but play together various plays and sing in the evening too. Our minister Pavel Klinecky prepared for the parents evening religious services and debates. Winter weather was almost fairy-taleish and the trips on Cerna Hora and to Pec pod Snezkou were wonderful too. On Evangnet it is possible to find 30 selected photos – Photo Gallery Janske Lazne 2010.

PhotoKoncerty2010-1 PhotoKoncerty2010-2 PhotoKoncerty2010-3 January Concerts in Strasnice
It was again Jan Balcar who excellently prepared the twelfth year of Strasnice January concerts. The first concert took place on 10th January 2010 and it was the string concert. Mikael Ericsson (violoncello) and Jana Vlachova (violin) performed the works of J.S.Bach, E.von Koch, M.Petras and R.Glier. On 17th January we could hear the works of W. A. Mozart, G. F. Händel, Fr. Schubert, M. Bruch, H. Eccles, J. Budin and D. Milhaud performed by Trio Vega: Petra Feistauerovi (viola), Vladimira Kolkova (piano) a Jan Budín (clarinet, basset horn). The third concert went ahead on 24th January. It was an organ concert and Pavel Cerny performed the works of J.S. Bach, W.A.Mozart, F. M. Bartholdy, B.Martinu and an improvisation using songs from our evangelical hymnbook. The concerts was always supplemented with a short biblical reflection.

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