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Last updated: January 25, 2009

You can find here photos of excursions, camps, concerts and many other meetings of our Strašnice congregation . Also some pictures of nature are available at this www site which is actualized continuously. The newest photos are ordered at the head of this page.

Photo – Chronicle 2005

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PhotoDivadlo2005-1 PhotoDivadlo2005-2 PhotoDivadlo2005-3 Lost Property - Chrismas Theatre Performance
When a man has lost something, he is usually nervous and sad about it. However, sometimes he knows nothing about it. Not knowing is better for him then knowing. Woe, when the lost comes out. He has lost a lot of time, he could devote to searching. Even worse is, when a man another man looses. Sometimes unnecessarily, when a man has had eyes only for himself. It is difficult to find any solution then. Nevertheless, it exists. So, it is the Christmas theatre performance about. The theatre performance gave the children of our Strasnice congregation on 17th December 2005 in the renaissance Holy Trinity Church in Český Brod and on 18th December, on 4th Advent Sunday, in the Strasnice congregation chapel. The Christmas performance „Lost Property“ was written by Pavel Jun, arranged by Jiri Souka and the music was composed by Filip Klinecky.

PhotoAdvent2005-1 PhotoAdvent2005-2 PhotoAdvent2005-3 Advent Sunday Afternoon
The Advent afternoon, on 2nd Advent Sunday - 4th December 2005, was prepared again by the congregation children and youth. The children‘s theatre group and the Sunday-school children played two sketches - “How to Can Flies” by Pavel Fiala and “Talk with a Carp” by Ludvik Askenazy. The youth prepared a one-act “Three Stallholders” by Daniel Rehak. The Strasnice chamber orchestra played Komische Streichquartette by Anton Razek. The programme of our traditional meeting was supplemented by a biblical reflection, common singing of Christmas songs and a tombola for the Diakonie-Ratolest centre support.

PhotoRijenNS_2005_3 PhotoRijenNS_2005_1 PhotoRijenNS_2005_2 Autumn Children Trip to Kralova Stolice
The congregation member with Sunday-school teachers and children spent a lovely autumn day, on 15th October 2005, in the Brdy woods. We went to Mokrovraty with a train and then we wandered through the game preserve Aglaia to the summerhouse Kralova Stolice, which constitutes a landmark of the hilly area Stechovice. We played plenty of plays, had a lunch by a campfire, and thanks to the nice weather we spent together a day, full of autumn colours.

PhotoChotebor05-3 PhotoChotebor05-1 PhotoChotebor05-2 Congregation Weekend in Chotebor
This year we postponed the traditional congregation weekend to the second weekend in October (from 7th to 9th October 2005) and this year too the weather was almost summer-like. On Saturday afternoon, we visited the ruin of the castle Lichnice from 12th century and Lovetin canyon. The youth went in for sport games and music. Evenings were dedicated to discussions, screening photos from Ukraine and China, singing with a guitar and to the usual campfire. To the Sunday church service we went this year to the CCE congregation in Hradiste by Nasavrky.

PhotoKruzlice2005-1 PhotoKruzlice2005-2 PhotoKruzlice2005-3 Summer Children’s Camp in Krizlice
To this year’s summer children’s camp (from 19th to 26th August 2005), we went to Krizlice in Krkonose mountains. We played a stage-play, called “A Spy in the Galaxy Lambda” and so, in addition to our running in local meadows, we flied in the space. At the end, we discovered the spy in our own ranks. The disclosure took place at 22:30 hrs in a deserted farm silo, which became for us a temple, a space ship, and where the spy was, after a fight with light swords, frightened off and expelled. Home we returned without the spy, after seven exhausting days, but at full strength of 16 children and 6 guides.

PhotoWBach2005-1 PhotoWBach2005-2 PhotoWBach2005-3 The Week at Bílý Potok
The nature of Jizerské hory. becomes to wake from the destruction of former years caused by industry, mountains are nice again and many people from Prague always find there a rest and inspiration. The group of young people from Strašnice congregation with their friends spent there an incomplete week (7th to 12th August 2005) with foot trips and dialogues. Trips were sometimes signed by rain and almost every times by blisters; the main theme of dialogues was Sermon on the Mountain, one of the key parts of New Testament.

Photohron2005-1 Photohron2005-2 Photohron2005-3 Youth of Strašnice on the Hron
Our youth went for river boating in Slovakia at the turn of July and August. It was after the pause of three years during which mountain trekking was preferred. As our minister P. K. doesn’t feel to be able for water sports any more, his son Ben substituted him as a leader. The river to be subdued was the Hron, a famous Slovak river, but we could make only a short part of it due to bad weather and a lot of illnesses (just like in the past). Out of spite that, river boating was fine as usually.

PhotoPraha2005-2 PhotoPraha2005-3 PhotoPraha2005-1 Invitation for Hope
International Christian meeting under this name, held in Prague from 17th to 19th June 2005, gave continue of previous meetings in various European countries. It consisted of an open-air spectacle, the main meeting at Ovocný trh (the Fruit Market) square on Saturday morning and the “night of open churches” with many concerts. In the framework of Sunday services, we heard a sermon by Dr. Imre Szebik, the bishop of Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hungary.

PhotoHvozdnice2005-1 PhotoHvozdnice2005-2 PhotoHvozdnice2005-3 Weekend Camp at Hvozdnice
Weekend camp of Strašnice Sunday school is already becoming a traditional meeting before school holidays. The main matter of the weekend from 10th to 12th June 2005 was “the Great Night of God’s people” - a play prepared by young teachers for two teams leaded by Aron and Miriam. Meeting was full of games and competitions and finished by holy services with a sermon by Luděk Rejchrt.

PhotoKutnaHora2005-1 PhotoKutnaHora2005-2 PhotoKutnaHora2005-3 Congregational Bus Trip to Kutná Hora Region
The trip of our congregation took place on 28th May 2005 as an all-generation trip. The program was prepared by Jiří Slouka, as usually. Of course, we have visited Sta. Barbara temple from the 14. century. The visit of the medieval silver mine of Hrádek was a unique one. Next stop were at Kačina, the largest Empire-styled castle of Czechland, and shortly at Uhlířské Janovice with children´s hospice at Malejovice.

PhotoKonfirmace2005-1 PhotoKonfirmace2005-2 PhotoKonfirmace2005-3 The Confirmation Ceremony
The holy service of the Pentecostal Sunday, 15th May 2005, became a pleasant ceremony for the Strašnice chapel. The confirmation of seven young people was connected with the baptism of some of them and with the holy communion. The confirmation is a solemn assembly during which new young brothers and sisters are accepted to congregation. They prepare for it for a long time - they study the basics of christian denomination, Bible, history of the church. But the most important is their own reliance-trust in the true Lord of life. The ceremony is only "the crown" of this maturing and the begining of a new one.

PhotoVelikon2005-1 PhotoVelikon2005-2 PhotoVelikon2005-3 The Easter Afternoon
The program of The Easter afternoon (20th March 2005) was prepared by youth, as usually. The biblical contemplation was prepared by Pavel Hanych, the Strašnice Chamber Orchestra presented Concerto grosso no.6 by G.F.Handel. The Easter acting "Mary is finding out the suffering of her son" was written by an unknown author of Italian medieval period.

PhotoLazariani2005-1 PhotoLazariani2005-2 PhotoLazariani2005-3 Investiture in St George Church
The investiture of the new postulants of the Military and Hospital Order of St Lazar Jerusalem of Malta obedience. The new member acceptance took place in the St George Church at the Prag Old Town, on 26th February 2005. The highest order dignitaries attended the festive church service. First of all it was His Higness Prince von Lippe, authorized by the Grand Master to administer the investiture. Further participated the princess von Lippe, the chancellor of the Czech Baillivic and other order dignitaries. The member of Strasnice congregation Bohumil Fanta was one of the postulants too. As an ecumenical member, he should have, according to the order tradition and for this important moment, his own pastor. That’s why the pastor of our congregation, Pavel Klinecky, took part in the investiture too. At the festive investiture, he preached on the text from John 11 (resurrection of Lazarus).

PhotoKoncerty2005-1 PhotoKoncerty2005-2 PhotoKoncerty2005-3 Meetings with Music at Strašnice
Sunday afternnon concerts, having taken place in the chapel of our congregation in January 2005, are our tradition. On Sunday 16th January there were held performances by today‘s authors M. Tesař, A. Piazzolla interpretated by Musica Grata – M.Arner (clarinet) and P.Elicerová (guitar). Further, organ works by J.S.Bach were interpretated by Lukáš Vendl. The second concert (23rd January) was purely tributed to organ music. Petr Rajnoha rendered performances of G.Muffat, J.S.Bach,J.Klička and L.Boëllmann. The concert on 30th January was prepared by Strašnice Chamber Orchestra under the leading of V.Kočí. We listened to works by Z.Lukáš, L.Janáček and to the trio for flute, viola and violoncello by A.Roussel. During concerts also short biblical reflections sounded.

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