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Last updated: January 25, 2009

You can find here photos of excursions, camps, concerts and many other meetings of our Strašnice congregation . Also some pictures of nature are available at this www site which is actualized continuously. The newest photos are ordered at the head of this page.

Photo – Chronicle 2001

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PhotoVanoce2001-1 PhotoVanoce2001-2 PhotoVanoce2001-3 The Christmas Theater
The Christmas play called “Stumbling to the Star” by Jiří Slouka, with original music written by Filip Klinecký, was performed on the 4th Advent Sunday, 23. December, in our chapel. It was also performed in the senior citizens home Donovalska together with jazz and classical music.
Videoclip in MPEG (5.7 MB) is available: Video 1' 18".

PhotoIvan1 PhotoIvan2 PhotoIvan3 The “River-bed“ Sculputure Vernissage
There was a wonderful vernissage at the Trmal´s villa in Strašnice on December the 20th, 2001. The Sculpture named The River-bed of Ivan Jilemnický from Hořice, a famous Czech protestant artist and sculptor, was installed in the garden of one of the most important architectonic buildings in our part of Prague. The Sculpure is 230 centimetres high and its dominant vertical describes the thanksfullness for creation. Besides the tangible matter it bears its inner message – the reason and the aim. The Sculpure was introduced by our pastor Pavel Klinecký and the celebration was accompanied by a jazz band called “Tri Magori”.

PhotoAdvent2001_1 PhotoAdvent2001_2 PhotoAdvent2001_3 The Advent Sunday Afternoon
The advent Sunday afternoon (December 9, 2001) is our traditional meeting in Strasnice. The program was again composed of the creative performance of our young church members. The youth played a drama written by our talentive young playwright Daniel Řehák. It was called “An Angel”. The kids performed the play “Will There Be No Christmas?” and and the mixed children chamber orchestra played various masterpieces.

PhotoDavidBalcar1 PhotoDavidBalcar2 PhotoDavidBalcar3 The Installation of David Balcar
David Balcar, who grew up in our church, was appointed as a new pastor in the local congregation of Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren in the picturesque and historical town Jindrichuv Hradec. This happened on November the 18th, 2001 and we came to the installation ceremony with the full bus of our church members.

PhotoProkop2001-1 PhotoProkop2001-2 PhotoProkop2001-3 Autumn Trip of Sunday School
In the beautiful sunny autumn day on Saturday 10th November 2001, we went for a walk through natural reservation of St. Prokop Valley near the border of Prague city. The excursion for children, their parents and the middle generation was prepared by Jiří Slouka, who also prepared a special geological explanation. The success of this excursion can be documented by a tail part of devonian trilobite Phacops degener in Daleje shale.

PhotoValMez2001-1 PhotoValMez2001-2 PhotoValMez2001-3 Sunday School Teacher's Meeting
The meeting of Sunday school and religion teachers was held on 3rd November 2001 in V.M. The main lecture - How to catechize children, was presented by our minister Pavel Klinecký. There is a monument of our first president T.G.Masaryka. in front of church in Valašském Meziříčí, with an interesting cross-section of latest Czech history written on its back side.

PhotoKonfirmace2001-1 PhotoKonfirmace2001-2 PhotoKonfirmace2001-3 Confirmation ceremony
Confirmation is a ceremony by which young brothers and sisters are accepted as full members of the congregation. They have been preparing for this event for a long time before: studying Bible, principles of christian confession and the history of church. But the most important of all is their own trust in the Lord. The ceremony is only a top of their ripening and the start of their next ripening. There were 5 boys and 2 girls confirmated on Sunday 21st October 2001; three of them were also baptized.

PhotoTomas-Tereza-1 PhotoTomas-Tereza-2 PhotoTomas-Tereza-3 Wedding ceremony of Tereza Janečková and Tomáš Najbrt
During the wedding ceremony held on Saturday 29th. September 2001 at St.Salvador's church Tereza Janečková and Tomáš Najbrt were married by our minister Pavel Klinecký. Tomáš & Tereza have reinforced the team of Sunday school teachers since September. Meeting of all generations, but first of all of youth, took place in the congregation of Prague-Nusle church by this occasion.

PhotoChotebor-sbor2001-1 PhotoChotebor-sbor2001-2 PhotoChotebor-sbor2001-3 PhotoChotebor-sbor2001-4 PhotoChotebor-sbor2001-5 Weekend in Chotěboř - 2001
As every year, the last weekend of September 2001 was appointed for a congregational meeting at Chotěboř church base. This was also an occasion for walks in forests along a scenic valley of Doubrava river and for "mushroom harvest". Young people, as usually, were practising music (both classical and modern one). This weekend was also a first opportunity to introduce for the new vicar of our congregation.

PhotoBelec2001-1 PhotoBelec2001-2 PhotoBelec2001-3 The Summer Camp at Běleč nad Orlicí
Children´s camp courses at Běleč provide enjoying nature and pleasant community both for children and their instructors. More than 40 boys and girls, most of which didn´t know each other before, spend unforgotable ten days together there. In July 2001 the camp was changed into a really non-existing cinema studio. A film to have been produced was inspired by biblical story of the prophet Eliah. This task was an occasion for a lot of games, adventure trips and mutual endeavour for the best result. Of course, no real film was made. But maybe, some great scenes will remain in the hearts of children.

PhotoVoda2001-1 PhotoVoda2001-4 PhotoVoda2001-2 PhotoVoda2001-3 PhotoVoda2001-5 Lužnice river on canoes
This year (2001) young people of our congregation went through the Lužnice river on canoes. Originally planned canoe trip through the Morava river was not possible because of unfavourable weather and water leavel conditions. Only a short section of the Lužnice was gone through in the end, as the weather was still very bad. Digital photos of this trip - made by Ondřej Černý - are also available on CD - E-mail O.Černý.

PhotoPodjestedi1 PhotoPodjestedi2 PhotoPodjestedi3 Trip for All Generations
The trip given on Saturday 9th June 2001 was rich of places of interest. We went by coach to beautiful parts of Northern Bohemia where we visitted two castles, famous new greenhouse complex of the botanical garden in Liberec city and the congregation of "Herrenhut Seniorate" at Jablonec nad Nisou.

PhotoLoket1 PhotoLoket2 PhotoLoket3 The Trip of Sunday School - Loket Castle
The children´s trip on Saturday 12th May 2001 was aimed at Loket castle. A sightseeing was marvelous thanks to an excellent guide, the rest of the day we spent in a beautiful landscape of West Bohemia.

PhotoCeskyRaj1 PhotoCeskyRaj2 PhotoCeskyRaj3 On First of May to the Czech Paradise
About 40 people joined this traditional trip this year - 1.May 2001. We went by cars to the area called “Czech Paradise” (NE of Bohemia) where we walked through beautiful nature in fair weather.

PhotoSkoti1 PhotoSkoti3 PhotoSkoti2 PhotoSkoti4 Visit from London - St.Columba's Church
Our friends from St. Columba’s Church, London (the Church of Scotland) stood with us from 26th to 30th April 2001. They took part on Friday meeting of middle generation, Saturday trip to Kokořín Castle and on Sunday services on 29th April.

PhotoJKlecandr-1 PhotoJKlecandr-2 A Performance of Slávek Klecandr
As a singer and musician presenting especially Christian songs including his own melodies composed on biblical psalms, Slávek Klecandr is given as one of the most interesting interpreters of contemporary Christian music. He presented his songs in our congregational hall on 18th April 2001.

PhotoVelikonoce-2 PhotoVelikonoce-1 PhotoVelikonoce-3 An Easter Afternoon
These afternoons have become also a long tradition. This year’s one was held on 8th April 2001, with a performance of chamber orchestra (works by A. Corelli and J.S. Bach) and theatre groups of children and youth.

PhotoHolandani-1 PhotoHolandani-2 A visit from Netherlands - Kesteren
Contacts with the protestant congregation of Kesteren in Netherlands last for many years. Our Dutch friends attend Prague every year either with a choir or with an offer of second hand wear. This year´s second hand sale dealt with great interest, as well as the former ones, photos from visit March 25, 2001.

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