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Last updated: January 2, 2013

You can find here photos of excursions, camps, concerts and many other meetings of our Strašnice congregation . Also some pictures of nature are available at this www site which is actualized continuously. The newest photos are ordered at the head of this page.

Photo – Chronicle 2011

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Photo-VanoceDivadlo-2011_1 Photo-VanoceDivadlo-2011_2 Photo-VanoceDivadlo-2011_3 Christmas Theater 2011
Is our life straight? In no case, it is tortuous. Are man's ways straight, fate-given along rectangular coordinates? In no case, man's ways are meandering, waved by unexpected and surprising events. Is it possible to rule in the world through reason? Reason can't be missing, but it is not the only and the most important matter. And so what is the most important in the life? It was the Christmas play "Rippled Hope" by Tomas Najbrt and Madlenka and Filip Klinecky that tried to give the answer. The play was produced on the fourth Advent Sunday, 18th December 2011, during the church service of our congregation and on Saturday, 17th December 2011, in the congregation of our church in Cesky Brod. As actors we could see forty Strasnice's children. The text of the play and of songs you can download from the website - Text and songs - PDF file, on Evangnet you can find 50 selected photos - Photo Gallery - Christmas Theater 2010.

Photo-NsangoMalamu-2011_1 Photo-NsangoMalamu-2011_1 Photo-NsangoMalamu-2011_1 Christmas Concert of the Nsango Malamu Choir
Nsango Malamu is a group singing the authentic spiritual songs from Angola and Congo. Nsango Malamu means, in the language Lingala, "a good news", so a Gospel. The group consists of ten members, some of them are friends or members of our congregation. In the Christmas concert, 11th December 2011, we could hear spiritual as well traditional folk songs in African languages Lingala (Ngala), Kikongo (Congo) and some songs in Kiswahili (Swahili) language. As guest in the concert appeared the Arab group Ziriab.

Photo-Advent-2011_1 Photo-Advent-2011_2 Photo-Advent-2011_3 Advent Sunday Afternoon
It is already a tradition, that our youth prepares the Advent Sunday afternoon. Our vicar Marek Feigl opened the meet, on the second Advent Sunday, 4th December 2011, with a biblical reflection. The dramatic group played a biblical Apocrypha " A Holiday in Egypt" describing what could happen in Egypt in the year 0001 a. D. The play of youth named " The Travel to the Star", written by Majda Siptkova, described the wayfaring of the forth sage to the star by a considerably different way than the way of three biblical sages was. The children chamber orchestra played several compositions by J.S.Bach, G.F.Händl, J.Haydn and J.K.Vanhal. The program of the Advent meet in Strasnice was topped up by the common singing of carols, a rich refreshment and the traditional tombola in aid of the Diacony center Ratolest. In the Photo Gallery on Evangnet you can find 40 selected photos - Photo Gallery - Advent 2010.

PhotoStrasOkor2011-1 PhotoStrasOkor2011-2 PhotoStrasOkor2011-3 The Autumn Trip of Sunday-School Children to Okor
It was Marcela who prepared, on Saturday 22nd October 2011 , a cool trip for children of the Sunday-school. Well known is the Czech song - " To Okor there is a road, the best of all.." - and so we had a possibility, in the number of 22, to prove it. Under the castle the children played various plays e.g. football or "frost-man" - being to it inspired by a cold autumn weather. On the bank of the Zahoransky brook five children groups competed in the building of wooden little houses for the Okor castle settlement. On Evangnet you can find 30 selected photos - Photo Gallery - Okoř 2011.

PhotoStrasChotebor2011-1 PhotoStrasChotebor2011-2 PhotoStrasChotebor2011-3 The Congregation Weekend in Chotebor
The traditional October weekend in the evangelical center in Chotebor offers always the possibility of meet for all generations. There were 64 participants, who set out for this year's weekend from 7st to 9th October 2011. We had a good time in spite of the cold weekend with showers. Youth went in for football and netball, in the evening there was the usual campfire and of cause singing songs of various genres with guitar, violin and electronic piano. Some of us choose the afternoon trip to open-air museum "Vesely kopec", others the excursion to the brewery in Chotebor with pig feast. On Evangnet you can find 60 selected photos - Photo Gallery - Weekend in Chotěboř 2011.

Photo-Dvoracky2011-2 Photo-Dvoracky2011-1 Photo-Dvoracky2011-3 Autumn Trip to Dvoracky
It was Jan Balcar, who prepared the beautiful trip of the middle generation to Dvoracky, on Saturday 24th September 2011. From Zlate navrsi we went to Dvoracky over Harachovy kameny and Ruzencina zahradka and then over Kotelni jamy to Horni Misecky. In great number of 21 participants (including several dog sportsmen) we spent together a nice Saturday under blue sky and in the nice nature of Krkonose.

Photo-JanBalcar2011-1 Photo-JanBalcar2011-2 Photo-JanBalcar2011-3 The Opening of the Exhibition of Jan Balcar's Pictures
Jan Balcar is the presbyter and the emeritus curator of our congregation and is a musician and a musical pedagogue by profession. Not everybody knows, that painting is his long-lasting hobby. On Friday 16th September he spoke about his works on the occasion of the exhibition opening. The yellow room of our congregation house obtained a new permanent exhibition, giving pleasure the participants of our congregation actions. It is the author's unique overview, humour and love for music that unites all pictures reflecting the legacy of cubism, naivism and other styles

PhotoKrizlice_2011-1 PhotoKrizlice_2011-2 PhotoKrizlice_2011-3 A Week of Youth (Mountains) in Krizlice
The traditional "summer mountains" came this year into being in Krizlice in Krkonose Mountains from 5th to 11th August 2011. Nice nature didn't turn its best side outward. It was pouring and pouring. The trips were cut down to only nice ideas and traveling with a finger on the map. At least we know what to do the next year - if the Lord's willing. Due to this situation we had more time to the common thinking on this year's theme. It was called "The Holy Trinity - the Interconnecting and Dividing Konstukt of Christian Doctrine." The theme seemed to be complicated and the explanations and the discussions about it were even more complicated. Even if we understood only a part of it ( including the minister), it was a good inspiration. And perhaps it became clear that the doctrine concerning the holy trinity can really unite and not divide people. Even over the frontiers of religions.

PhotoStrasniceVoda_2011-1 PhotoStrasniceVoda_2011-2 PhotoStrasniceVoda_2011-3 The Strasnice's Youth on the river - Ohre
This year's boating, from 28th July to 2 August 2011, began very promisingly - nice weather, a cool crew, a nice river almost unpeopled - because we moved off in the course of a week in order to avoid the mass of modern "water pseudo-sportsmen", who deprived us in the last years of enthusiasm. Good humour lasted but not the weather. In spite of great effort we returned prudently home after three days and turned again to landsmen. But we didn't want to separate and therefore we visited in the early morning, immediately after our night arrival, all together the zoo. When we at last got sight of the sun we wrung out our booting kit and returned to our boats in order to sail the last year' s discovery - the most beautiful part of the Sazava river. So our remembrance of this year's nontraditional boating will be at last very colorful and cheerful.

PhotoTaborNS_2011-1 PhotoTaborNS_2011-2 PhotoTaborNS_2011-31 The Camp of Strasnice Sunday School - Dolni Businov
This year, in the term from 1th to 10th July 2011, we set out for the first time to Dolni Businov in Moravia region, where we discovered a nice bungalow-camp with all necessary facilities and a charming view to the greenery of the four winds. Sunday School children could this year invite more their friends also from elsewhere - at last 34 children participated. All the time the live in the camp was accompanied by the exciting play "Leonardo and four towns", where children in the role of deputies of four towns - Venice, Genova, Milano and Florence - helped the master Leonardo to construct the time machine in order to save with its help Rome, from incursions of hostile Osmans and at the same time to save the Christian word. It was very thrilling and everything turned out well.

PhotoSobehrdy_NS_2011-1 PhotoSobehrdy_NS_2011-2 PhotoSobehrdy_NS_2011-3 Weekend Sunday-School Camp in Sobehrdy
The Sunday School teachers organized again for the Sunday School children a weekend mini camp in our congregation in Sobehrdy (region Benesov) and in the term from 3th to 5th June 2011. The weekend play included finding and saving the lost son Adriel, setting free the "Star" from the power of evil witches and the crowning of the new king. Plays and competitions took place in the forest, in the vicarage garden in Sobehrdy and during a short rain inside the vicarage too, where we had the opportunity of singing many songs with guitar. The Sunday church service in Sobehrdy, including several songs with guitar, was prepared by Pavel Klinecky. On Evangnet in the Photo-Gallery you can find 50 selected photos - Photo-Gallery - Soběhrdy NŠ 2011.

Photo-Budysin-2011_1 Photo-Budysin-2011_2 Photo-Budysin-2011_3 The Congregation Bus Trip to Budysin
This year it was Eva Balcarova, who prepared, on Saturday 28th May 2011, the bus trip to Budysin. What was quite unique was the visit of the organ production firm "Hermann Eule Orgelbau". The representative of the firm showed us through the production process and at the end of our visit a rich refreshment was prepared for us. During our sightseeing tour of this Wendic town we met series of attractions being a part of the weekend feast "1009. Bautzener Frühling". At the end of the common day we visited the butterfly house which also served as the reptile house, where we saw the exposition of tropical butterflies flying among palms, banana trees and ivy. On Evangnet in the Photo-Gallery you can find 40 selected photos - Photo-Gallery - Budyšín 2011.

Photo-CeskyRaj-2011_3 Photo-CeskyRaj-2011_2 Photo-CeskyRaj-2011_1 The day before 1st May we take walk through the paradise
Jan Balcar organizing again the traditional trip, called "On the first of May to the Czech Paradise," set it in this year on Saturday, 30th April 2011. The reason was that the first of May fell on Sunday. The itinerary of this year's trip began under the castle Valdstejn in Pelesany. The travel to Sedmihorky led us to the most famous outlook place in the Czech Paradise - Marijanska Vyhlidka. Through the rock town we continued to the symbolical cemetery of mountain-climbers and past Antonin's and Josef's springs. In the afternoon we returned through the rock town back to the castle Valdstejn. The weather was much better than weather forecast offered. And so we spent, in the number of 30, a very nice Saturday.

PhotoVelikon2011-1 PhotoVelikon2011-2 PhotoVelikon2011-3 Easter Afternoon
The Easter afternoon on Palm Sunday was prepared, as already a tradition is, by our youth. The minister Pavel Klinecky opened the afternoon, on Sunday 17th April 2011, by a biblical reflection. The child's dramatic group, under the eadership of Daniela Stolarova, played "Stories of the judge Ook," Strasnice's youth played " Easter here end now" by Majda Sipkova and another generation of musicians, creating the new chamber orchestra of Strasnice, performed "Word of Salvation" by S. Wesley Martin and Canon D-Major by J. Pachelbel. The program of the Easter afternoon was completed by common singing and rich refreshment with Easter cake-lambs. On Evangnet in the Photo-Gallery you can find 30 selected photos - Photo Gallery - Velikonoce 2011.

PhotoKoncerty2011-1 PhotoKoncerty2011-2 PhotoKoncerty2011-3 Strasnice Meet Musik
It was again Jan Balcar, who prepared the cycle of three January's concerts. This year it was already the 13th straight cycle. At the first concert 9th January 2011 we could hear the compositions of J.S.Bach and J.D.Zelenka in the interpretation by D.Fleischmannova - organ, P.Andryskova - flute and by soprano singer P.Musilova. On 16th January the girl's chorus "Bubureza", directed by M. Souskova, performed 12 compositions from 16th century (G.P.da Palestrino) till present (Truver-mass by P. Eben). The third concert, on 23th January, was the organ concert where Ales Barta performed the compositions by .K.Vanhal, J.K.Kuchar, A.Dvorak, L.Janacek, J.S. Bach, F.M. Bartholdy and L.Boëllmann. The concerts were always supplemented with a short biblical reflection.

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