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Last updated: September 20, 2010

You can find here photos of excursions, camps, concerts and many other meetings of our Strašnice congregation . Also some pictures of nature are available at this www site which is actualized continuously. The newest photos are ordered at the head of this page.

Photo – Chronicle 2009

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Photo-VanoceDivadlo-2009_1 Photo-VanoceDivadlo-2009_2 Photo-VanoceDivadlo-2009_3 Christmas Performance 2009
The Christmas performance, written by Strasnice authors, handled again the Christmas story out of tradition. We say very often "The World is Changing" and it is also the title of the play, written by Tomas Najbrt. And what is changing? Time, the world, people? And who is to blame? Accidental nature, progress, man with his industrialization? Is it good after all? Are these changes for the better or for the worse, or of what sort is each? Or is it otherwise? Aren't all these visible changes of the world negligible with regard to the changes pulsing under the surface of the world and the changes being in accord with the principle sense of the world? Isn't the greatest change the God's Christmas love among us? But of course a man has to see these changes, he should look around very well. Our children presented this message two times – in Cesky Brod on Saturday 19th December 2009 and a day later during the church service in our chapel in Kralicka street. And we understood well, as some of 250 service participants confirmed. The new songs by Filip and Madlenka Klinecky contributed without any doubt to it. The text of the play and the songs, including the music, can be copied from web - Text of the play, songs and music - PDF file, on Evangnet you can find 100 selected Photos - Photo Gallery Christmas Performance 2009.

Photo-Advent-2009_1 Photo-Advent-2009_2 Photo-Advent-2009_3 Advent Sunday Afternoon
The traditional congregation advent meet on 2nd advent Sunday, 6th December 2009, was prepared by our youth – as it is a tradition since many years. It was Daniela Storarova, who prepared, with children, the play "Christmas Tree" by the authoress Tove Jansson. Strasnice "mini" chamber orchestra performed this year several Christmas compositions and Intrada by J.P. Sweelinck. Majda Sipkova (text) and Anicka Baldova (song) wrote for the youth the play "Concentration Camp." The programme of the advent meet in Strasnice was completed with a common singing of Christmas songs, rich refreshment and the tombola for the support of Diaconia Centre Ratolest.

Photo-VernisazMM-2009_1 Photo-VernisazMM-2009_2 Photo-VernisazMM-2009_3 The Exhibition Opening of Pictures by Milada Merhautova Called "It Tunes, It doesn't Tune"
On the occasion of a middle generation meet (on Friday, November 27, 2009) was held the exhibition opening of pictures by Milada Merhautova. For the next period of year so called "Yellow Room" got a new appearance Twelve not too large canvases reveal something about the artist's soul – pastel colours, warm tones with prevailing yellow and orange colours invoke the vision of sun and warm. Milada told us, that her principle inspiration is the country in the neighbourhood of Ricky. The pictures show that the nature remains a means of artist expression and not the aim. The country invites to the reflection about the world, man and his place in this world. As a part of the opening we could hear the poetry by Jan Riedlbauch and music by Leos Janacek. Web of Milada Merhautova Pictures.

PhotoStrasChotebor2009-1 PhotoStrasChotebor2009-2 PhotoStrasChotebor2009-3 Congregation-Weekend in Chotebor
We met in the holiday evangelic resort in Chotebor the second weekend in October, from 9th to 11th October 2009, as already a tradition is. It was the meet really for all generations. 75 participants in the age from 0,08 to 81,25 years practically crowded the resort. Evenings we devoted to singing with guitar and to a usual campfire. The Saturday's trip was unique – to the "Cimrman's" "Lost and again Found Ronovec." On Evangnet you can find 50 selected photos – Photo Gallery – Weekend in Chotebor 2009.

PhotoNSvylet2009-3 PhotoNSvylet2009-2 PhotoNSvylet2009-1 Autumn Trip of Sunday-School Children
The destination of this year's trip of Sunday-school children, on Saturday 3th October 2009, was the top of the hill Mednik (416 m), which is the natural monument in Posazavi region. The trip passed through the Sazava valley, along Sazava walking trail, among trees with discolored leaves. There was the campfire with baking of not only smoked meats but also everything what was in backpacks too. Weather was again excellent, Indian summer, the children played a lot of plays, being prepared for them by the Sunday-school teachers. There are 50 selected photos on Evangnet – Photo Gallery – Mednik 2009.

PhotoVyletPassov_2009-1 PhotoVyletPassov_2009-2 PhotoVyletPassov_2009-3 Congregation Bus-Trip to Passau
Passau is known as the town of three rivers (Dreiflüssestadt) - Donau, Inn und Ilz. On the programme of our trip, on Sunday 12th September, was a river cruise to the confluence of the three rivers, 45 minutes in length. To the most interesting places of the Old Town belong the second biggest organ of the world in the St. Stephen's cathedral, were we heard an organ concert (J.S.Bach, G.Faure, C.Ph.E.Bach a O.Messiaen.) The fortress "Veste Oberhaus" is one of the greatest castle areas in Europe and creates only a part of the 700 m long double-castle. The visit of the upper castle offered us impressive sights on Passau. There are 30 selected photos in the Photo-gallery on Evangnet - Photo-gallery - Passau 2009.

PhotoTaborNS_2009-1 PhotoTaborNS_2009-2 PhotoTaborNS_2009-3 The Camp of Strasnice Sunday-School
The camp of Strasnice Sunday-School took place in the village Valtinov (highland Vysocina) from 9th to 16th August 2009. We together with children occupied this year not only the parsonage but the very church too, where the older children slept on a gallery. Large meadows and a wood situated just behind the house invited to plays. Our aim was to escape from the claws of Vikings and to return back to our country, Ireland. We succeeded. And so we thank our children for good time we had with them. We could be there with them maybe a whole year (hadn't they do to school). We thank parents too for not having had fear to give us their children in charge. We are looking forward to meet you the next year.

PhotoWeisBach_2009-1 PhotoWeisBach_2009-2 PhotoWeisBach_2009-3 A Week of the Youth (Mountains) at Bily Potok
"The mountains of the youth" belong already to a good congregation tradition. Twenty young people - from 15 to 30 years old – met again in Jizerske mountains, at Bily Potok (2. - 8. 8. 2009). A modest old-time lodging offered nice atmosphere where the contemplation on the subject "Life with Death" prospered. About death and dying, what to be afraid of and what not to fear at all, what it will be thereafter and what surely not, about euthanasia, suicide, abortion and human sacrifice – a theme fitted for youth and vacation. And at what other time and with somebody else? Besides, trips, chilly baths, ball plays – what else could we wish?

PhotoVodaOtava2009-1 PhotoVodaOtava2009-2 PhotoVodaOtava2009-3 Strasnice Youth on Otava
This year's river boating welcomed again a bit different group, which went down the nice Otava river from 26th to 31st July 2009. When ten friends aiming the same goal meet a nice weather then they are able to pass a nice week too. Our going soon after a flood proved to be a good luck. Who knows if we had enough water for our boating otherwise? Moreover nowadays the Czech rivers are "seven-way highways" overcrowded with people having very different ideas on river boating. That is the reason why the next year we move, with other water sportsmen, to abroad. There is a lot of nice rivers in Poland. So the next year hooray on Dunajec.

PhotoSobehrdy_NS_2009-1 PhotoSobehrdy_NS_2009-2 PhotoSobehrdy_NS_2009-3 Weekend's Gathering of Children in Sobehrdy
The traditional "Children's Weekend in Hvozdnice" took place this year (from 5th to 7th June 2009) in Sobehrdy, region Benesov. Almost two tens of children spent, in the whole weekend's play, a dramatic encounter with enemies, who wanted to deprive our nation of the sovereign and of the maternal language used in the church services. The participants showed their courage and at the end they succeeded in getting the possibility of using maternal language in church services and in having their own bishop. In the shine of torches they reached, in a deep night, Rome, where they experienced the meet with a brother - the bishop of Rome and the whole church. In the Sunday sermon the children sang several songs with guitar. Local participants received us with pleasure and gratefulness.

Photo-Konfirmace-2009_1 Photo-Konfirmace-2009_2 Photo-Konfirmace-2009_3 Confirmation Ceremony
The Sunday church service on 24th May 2009 became, for the Strasnice congregation, a joyful event. The confirmation of four young people was followed by the Sacrament of Christening and Eucharist. The confirmation is a ceremonial congregation assembly, where new young brothers and sisters are admitted into the congregation. They have been prepared for it for a long time – they have acquainted themselves with the fundamentals of Christian confession, Bible, Christian history. But the most important is their personal being relied on the Lord of life. The ceremony is then the completing of such ripening – and the beginning of the further ripening.

Photo-CeskyRaj-2009_1 Photo-CeskyRaj-2009_2 Photo-CeskyRaj-2009_3 On 1st May in the Czech Paradise
The wandering through rocks and valleys in the neighbourhood of Prihrazy with the closing rise on a volcano – so ran the invitation card of the traditional trip in the Czech Paradise on Friday, 1st May 2009. The trip was again and excellently prepared by Jan Balcar (including a perfect sunny weather.) As usual we were 40 and the itinerary led through Slivice to Cerne Louze and then through Hrazka over rock-ridge to Prihrazy, from Krasna Vyhlidka to the hilltop Mužský. Finally we visited the singular village Muzsky and some of us added, as the icing on the cake, the sightseeing of Valecov remains.

Photo-Vernisaz-2009_1 Photo-Vernisaz-2009_2 Photo-Vernisaz-2009_3 The Opening of Exhibition of Pavel Rejchrt's Pictures
Pavel Rejchrt, an remarkable evangelical theologist, poet and artist, touches us with a variety of means of expression. Behind his word and art expression we can find his distinct Christian orientation and living faith. As a preacher of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren he speaks regularly to the participants of Sunday worships, in the services of Prague-Strasnice congregation too. A common exhibition of Pavel Rejchrt and the sculptor Ivan Jilemnicky, the long-lasting friends, took place in the gallery Atrium in Prague – Zizkov in January 2009. The exhibition of Rejchrt's pastel-pictures from the last time is a follow-up to this former exhibition. The opening of the current exhibition took place on Friday 17th April 2009 in the congregation house in Prague 10 – Strasnice. The opening, during the time of middle generation meet, remembered the artist's anniversary too. The exhibited works can be seen in the hours of congregation gatherings.

PhotoVelikon2009-1 PhotoVelikon2009-2 PhotoVelikon2009-3 Easter Afternoon
It was the youth who, as already a tradition is, prepared the congregation gathering on Palm Sunday - 5th April 2009. The meeting opened Pavel Klinecky with his biblical reflection. Daniela Stolarova with a children's dramatic group prepared the play of C.D.Payn – I. Ulrychova "Pigeons,Ltd.". The Strasnice youth performed the play "Noah" of Martin Balcar. The epilogue of Strasnice chamber orchestra "Music without Music" was presented in the form of shadow play and the new generation of Strasnice musicians performed the works of W.A. Mozart and L. Van Beethoven. On Evangnet you can find 50 selected photos - Photogallery - Easter 2009.

PhotoKoncerty2009-1 PhotoKoncerty2009-2 PhotoKoncerty2009-3 January Concerts in Strasnice
The meet with music in Strasnice already for the tenth time. The first concert, for two guitars, on 11th January 2009 was prepared by Anna and Jan Hron's. We could hear the works of the compositors: J.Rodrigo, M.Castelnuovo-Tedesco, G.Fauré, J.M.Leclair, I.Albéniz, S.Myers and M.de Falla. At the concert on 18th January we could hear the works of J.S.Bach, G.F.Händel, E.Ysay, P.de Sarasat a N.Paganini in the interpretation of Miroslav Ambros – violin and Zuzana Ambros – piano accompaniment. At the third concert on 25th January it was Ales Barta, who performed the organ works of B.M.Cernohorsky, J.Krtitel Kuchar, J.Pachelbel, G.Muffat and J.S.Bach. A short bible reflection and poetry of Jan Skacel could be heard in the course of each concert.

Photo-VanoceDivadlo-2006_1 Photo-VanoceDivadlo-2006_2 Photo-VanoceDivadlo-2006_3 Christmas Theatre – About Sages and People
When the saviour comes everybody is surprised. Most those, who waited him – because the saviour was different. According to man’s meaning, when the saviour comes, the things should begin to occur. Otherwise a man can overlook him. The saviour must be seen he must capture us. Or he is out of luck; he is the second, the fiftieth. Men wait the saviour according to their notions. He came, but only for some eyes, to preserve our freedom. If only there were more such eyes. It is what was the theatre, learned by the children and young members of our congregation, about. It was played on Saturday, 16th December 2006, in the evangelic congregation in Cesky Brod and on Sunday, 17th December 2006, in the Strasnice chapel. A proved author couple wrote the theatre: text and songs by Daniel Rehak, music composed and played Filip Klinecky.

Photo-Advent-2006_1 Photo-Advent-2006_2 Photo-Advent-2006_3 Advent Sunday Afternoon
The Advent afternoon for all generations, on the second Advent Sunday - 10th December 2006 - was prepared again, as already a tradition is, by the congregation children and youth. The children‘s theatre group played the one-act “It is better to live fairly then in a big villa” by Tomas Najbrt. The Strasnice chamber orchestra played two rag times by Scott Joplin. The programme of our traditional advent meeting was supplemented by a biblical reflection by Martin Rehacek, common singing of Christmas songs and a tombola for the Diakonie-Ratolest centre support.

Photo-Drakiada_3 Photo-Drakiada_2 Photo-Drakiada_1 Children’s Autumn Trip – Kite Flying
The autumn trip of Sunday school children took place on Saturday, 4th November 2006. Thanks to a rather bad weather we extempore moved it to Parukarka – Zizkov district. The Kite-flying was a success, the sky was full of colour kites and with children we played a lot of games. It was Martin who enabled us a superb intermezzo with a midday warming up of 13 children and 7 teachers with warm tee, sausage baking and singing with guitar. This all in his flat in Zizkov. Thanks.

Photo-Chotebor-Velim-1 Photo-Chotebor-Velim-2 Photo-Chotebor-Velim-3 Congregation Weekend in Chotebor
The traditional congregation weekend in Chotebor took also this year place in the second weekend in October (from 6th to 8th October 2006). In Saturday afternoon we visited Hradiste by Nasavrky, Krizanov dam and the romantic Peklo (Hell) by Chrudimka. The weather was variable, it was raining on Saturday and that’s why we ended the trip with a visit of a vicarage of our congregation in Hradiste. In Sunday afternoon took place a festive installation of eight ministers – also of Ivo Mares, who in years 2005/2006 served in our congregation as a vicar. That’s why, after returning from Chotebor, we took part in the ceremony in great numbers. Evenings were dedicated to discussions, singing with guitar and to the usual campfire.

PhotoInstalaceHvozdnice-1 PhotoInstalaceHvozdnice-2 PhotoInstalaceHvozdnice-3 V. Kalousova's Inauguration in Hvozdnice
On Sunday, 1st October, the senior of the Prag seniorat Lydie Mamulova installed Vendula Kalusova as the minister at the congregation of our church in Hvozdnice. Children and youth of our congregation visit the congregation in Hvozdnice in the weekends and so it was pleasure for us to participate at this installation celebration. In the Sunday's afternoon visited congregation in Hvozdnice Svata Karasek, who prepared a short concert.

PhotoBilyPotokNS2006-1 PhotoBilyPotokNS2006-2 PhotoBilyPotokNS2006-3 Children’s summer camp in Bily Potok
The last summer week (from 27th August to 2nd September) spent the children of our Sunday-school and from elsewhere too in Bily Potok pod Smrkem, It was there where we, as a rescue team from Europe, had set out for a journey in order to help a village Lambarene from enemies and diseases. Unfortunately one of the curses fell on Bily Potok too and so it was raining practically the whole week. But we were able to cope with both the rain and malignant diseases and were able to return back to Europe (in reality to Prague). We enjoyed singing, plays and other things too. In the camp there were nine children and five leaders. We are looking forward to you the next year too.

PhotoBilyPotok2006-1 PhotoBilyPotok2006-2 PhotoBilyPotok2006-3 A Week at Bily Potok
A week’s coming together (from 6th to 12th August 2006) in the mountains signified two thinks: this year’s oft rains, fogs and foul weather at all. So there were only few mountain-hikes (Smeda – 7th August at 15:00 h – 250 times higher rate of flow 46,7 m3 / sec instead of 0,2 m3 / sec, water-level 176 cm). The second, more interesting thing was our topic – prayer. From root and branch and to the depth. – and with terms, which Protestant doesn’t meet often, as „inner prayer“ or even “the meditation according to Tibetan Buddhism.” The principle point was nothing but intensifying Christian faith and one’s own prayer.

PhotoVoda2006-1 PhotoVoda2006-2 PhotoVoda2006-3 Strasnice-Youth on the Otava
This year’s river-boating (from 30th July to –5th August 2006) was a bit a challenge. We managed it already once before, without our pastor, first of all thanks to Ben, however practically with the old team. This year we were to prove ourselves that we thought it seriously and that we were able to manage it once again even if with another team. Even if shortly before the water-trip it seemed that we would crawl-swim only in a swimwear and belongings we would send by a train or we would have to build a raft… and even if in that time the weather didn’t pamper us, water-sportsmen were no chickens and at the end they managed everything easily. It can be that we were, after a year, a bit tougher or we gave more attention to water we drank and so we didn’t suffer too many looses. And so even if we gave up keeping the old team and went with fairly another team-composition, we could tranquilly declare that water-sport was already and firmly anchored in us and that the youth would go on the water in the future too. Thanks to everybody, who helped where he could and who overcame bad mood and another traps of the nature….and first of all – we went longer way away.

PhotoBelec2006-1 PhotoBelec2006-2 PhotoBelec2006-3 Summer camp in Belec under Oreb
This year’s camp in Belec (from 1st to 14th July 2006)) was dramatic. Four families of warriors had a task to deliver old Christian scrolls to the Roman emperor and bear witness to him too, that Christianity wasn’t dangerous for him but on the contrary. The warriors themselves got to know Christianity in daily praxis better then from some “lectures.” The chief of the camp and his wife arranged the second drama. Just the first day they injured themselves and so they spent the all days of the camp travelling between the hospital and the camp. Limping along and supporting themselves they tried to become at least partners for the lively children. We believe they succeeded.

PhotoMost Ivan2006-1 PhotoMost Ivan2006-2 PhotoMost Ivan2006-3 Cross Belongs to the Chapel
A great oak-cross was placed on the building face of the evangelic chapel in Most on 25th July 2006. In front of the chapel was set up the sandstone sculpture of a goblet. Both artworks come from the atelier of the artist Ivan Jilemnicky. In the festive installation took part a lot of Strasnice congregation members and Ivan Jilemnicky’s friends. Pastor of Strasnice congregation Pavel Klinecky spoke, on the occasion, about the meaning of the cross.

PhotoHvozdnice2006-1 PhotoHvozdnice2006-2 PhotoHvozdnice2006-3 Weekend Camp at Hvozdnice
Weekend camp of Strasnice Sunday school has already become a traditional meeting before school holidays. The theme of the weekend from 16th to 18th June 2006 was “Lambarene – through the black dark and night”. The Sunday-school teachers for two teams prepared the programme, with a lot of games. The weekend in Hvozdnice by Davle was full of games, competitions and the theatre too and was finished by a church service with a sermon by Pavel Klinecky.

PhotoFlossenburg-1 PhotoFlossenburg-2 PhotoFlossenburg-3 Bus trip to Flossenbürg
A bus trip to Bavaria, on Sunday 28. May 2006, had two main destinations. Still in the inland it was the former destination, Benedictine monastery, situated in Kladruby. The second destination was the former Nazi concentration camp in Flossenbürg. The monastery in Kladruby delighted us by its meditative atmosphere, the memorial of the concentration camp to the contrary induces a deep regret over the evil, which man was able to produce. The evangelic priest and theologist Dietrich Bonhoefer was put to death in Flossenbürg on 9. April 1945. Bonhoefer was famous through his concept of the non-religious interpretation of the biblical message.

PhotoCeskyRaj2006-1 PhotoCeskyRaj2006-2 PhotoCeskyRaj2006-3 1st May in the Czech Paradise
Already the traditional car trip, on Monday 1st May 2006, was again a great success. From Mala Skala we went with a train to Dolanky and then we walked along Zrcadlova koza and through the valley of Jizera river. We visited the ruins of the castle Zbiroh, the Cave of Czech Brethren on Kalich and three rock lookouts.

PhotoVelikon2005-1 PhotoVelikon2005-2 PhotoVelikon2005-3 The Easter Afternoon
The get-together on Palm Sunday, 9th April 2006, was prepared by the youth of our congregation, as already a tradition is. Vicar Ivo Mares began the afternoon with a biblical reflection; the Strasnice Trio performed the chamber music „Trifles“ by Antonin Dvorak. The Easter play “The Second Day” wrote this year, for the Strasnice youth, Daniel Rehak.

PhotoKoncerty2006-1 PhotoKoncerty2006-2 PhotoKoncerty2006-3 Music concerts in Strasnice
Sunday afternoon concerts, having taken place in the chapel of our congregation in January 2006, became already a tradition. On Sunday 16th January, the Bethel College University choir (Kansas - www.bethelks.edu) was our guest. The concert was a part of their European tour. The second concert, on 22nd January, was purely dedicated to organ music. Dorothea Fleischmann performed the works of J.S.Bach, M.Kabelac and O.Macha. The Chamber Orchestra Harmonia Delectabilis under the leading of Lukas Vendl performed the concert on 29th January. We listened to the works of J.S.Bach, Ch.Geist, F.I.Tuma a J.Rosenmüller. During the concerts short biblical reflections sounded too.

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