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Last updated: January 25, 2009

You can find here photos of excursions, camps, concerts and many other meetings of our Strašnice congregation . Also some pictures of nature are available at this www site which is actualized continuously. The newest photos are ordered at the head of this page.

Photo – Chronicle 2002

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PhotoVanDiv-2002-1 PhotoVanDiv-2002-2 PhotoVanDiv-2002-3 The Christmas Performance
Children with several young people presented the piece named “Hayaya or A Surrealistic Tale of Forgiving” by Daniel Řehák with music by Filip Klinecký. First it was performed on Saturday 21st December 2002 in the city of Beroun, then on Sunday 22nd Dec. in Strašnice congregation. Songs were accompanied with music of a small band.
Videoclip MPEG (6.4 MB) to download: Video 1' 03".

PhotoAdvent-2002-1 PhotoAdvent-2002-2 PhotoAdvent-2002-3 Advent Sunday Afternoon
It is a traditional form of meeting. Children and youth arranged this year’s program on Sunday 8th December 2002. They presented a Christmas piece “The Tower” by Miloš Rejchrt and the chamber orchestra played the suite “Colas Breugnon” by Polish composer Tadeusz Baird. Also a short sermon and common singing were parts of the meeting.

PhotoKolin-2002-1 PhotoKolin-2002-2 Sunday School Teachers Meeting
It was held on 2nd November 2002, the meeting place was the city of Kolín. The main theme was a question of children’s taking part in services and in the Holy Communion. Main speakers were Pavel Kalus, Jan Krupa and Kateřina Roskovcová. Excerpts from Christmas theaters were performed by children’s ensemble both with members of Strašnice congregation under the leading of Milena Klinecká. A part of program was devoted to discussion.

PhotoChotebor-sbor2002-1 PhotoChotebor-sbor2002-2 PhotoChotebor-sbor2002-3 Weekend at Chotěboř
A lot of members of our congregation spent the 3rd weekend of September 2002 traditionally at the base of Chotěboř. The variable weather was good for walking through forests and for a tour along the scenic valley of the Doubrava River. Young people, of course, dealt with sports and music. Evenings were spent with dialogues, singing with guitar and sitting by fire.

PhotoBilyPotok2002-1 PhotoBilyPotok2002-2 Children’s Camp at Bílý Potok
Nineteen children and six leaders spent the last week of August 2002 together in the camp at Bílý Potok pod Smrkem. The theme of this year’s camp play was a creation of an artificial man, a Homunculus. An unknown master created him in the ancient time but the Homunculus had to be destroyed. That was for governors of this time wanted only to use him for military purposes. The main sense of the play was to show that it’s still not too late now, that the mankind has still a chance to find a better sense of life than wars or power solutions. If those for whom the play is appointed will once govern the world, then this chance is really big.

PhotoVodaOndra-1 PhotoVodaOndra-2 PhotoVodaOndra-3 Summer water wandering
In the week at the turn of July and August 2002, 18 more or less young people from Strašnice started their water-wandering tour. This time it was Ohře in its part Tršnice- Radošov. The weather was great, therefore we didn't need to stop longer on one place and each day we could boat a part of the river (though the end camping site in Radošov, where our tour ended on Friday, didn't belong to the most far-away). The physical and psychical condition of the participants was great too, beyond expectation and without any problem. There was only one, but substantial, insufficiency - lack of water. Due to this fact, at some other time a quick flow turned to stony fields, which was necessary to stumble over or in some case to wade in the style of Bourlags on the Volga. The daily sections - Tršnice, Šabina, Loket, Tašovice, Hubertus, Radošov, gave evidence, that the advace wasn't so quick as it could be under other conditions. All the hardships of the tour were rich rewarded by the weir in Radošov, where just the water stage gave us a lot of entertainment. The snaps from the trip are at disposal on Internet or in a digital album at the address Foto: Ondra Černý.

PhotoKuks2002-1 PhotoKuks2002-2 PhotoKuks2002-3 PhotoKuks2002-4 Trip in the Region of Sculptors
Traditional coach trip was aimed to northeast Bohemia, the region of sculptors (because of famous deposits of quality stone). On Saturday June 15, 2002 we visited Kuks Castle, with well-known baroque sculptures by M.B.Braun, and Bethlehem, a group of baroque sculptures in rock inside the forest nearby. The main destination was Horice; towns with famous stone-processing school, open-air sculptures gallery and, last but not least, the sculpture studio of Ivan Jilemnicky.

PhotoKesteren2002-1 PhotoKesteren2002-2 PhotoKesteren2002-3 Visit at Kesteren
Our friends of the Reformed Church of Holland from Kesteren are visiting us for many years. This year (since 5th to 9th June 2002) also a group of our members traveled for Kesteren by coach. We also visited Amsterdam, Naarden (where Comenius is buried), took part at the concert of choir “Sound of Life” of Kesteren and spent a few nice days together.

PhotoKrest2002-1 PhotoKrest2002-1 PhotoKrest2002-3 New Baptismal Font
Ivan Jilemnicky, the sculptor who attends our congregation, made the new baptismal font. It was introduced on 26th May 2002 by the baptism of four young people during the Sunday services. More about baptismal font can be read at the page. “about congregation”.

PhotoVyletNS2002-1 PhotoVyletNS2002-2 PhotoVyletNS2002-3 Spring Trip of the Sunday School
The trip on Saturday 25th May 2002 was very attractive. We visited the open-air mining museum in the old limestone quarries at Bubovice near Beroun (15 km from Prague), including the ride with mine railway and the excursion in mine gallery. The Barbora association holds this museum.

PhotoSoundOfLife2002-1 PhotoSoundOfLife2002-2 PhotoSoundOfLife2002-3 The ”Sound of Life” choir from Kesteren, Holland
A group of singers from our partnership congregation of a Reformed Church in Kesteren, Holland, visited our church to sing and celebrate their 15th anniversary. There were two concerts (May 9 - 10, 2002) in Strasnice and a gothic church of St. Clement in the centre of town. They brought a wide repertoire ranging from G.G. Handel, W.A. Mozart to spirituals and gospels. Here you can see the homepage of the mother church of Sound of Life.

PhotoCRaj2002-1 PhotoCRaj2002-2 PhotoCRaj2002-3 Let Cesky Raj take you away on the first of May!
On May the first Czech Paradise will quench your thirst! We went on the traditional trip on May the 1st 2002 and besides drinking moderately, a couple of beers, we visited a gorgeous old castle – Trosky. We also took a journey on a cascade of lakes and pool with romantic names Nebakov, Podseminsky, Vezak, Krcak and Vidlak. The weather was simply great and we had great fun!

PhotoVelikon2002-1 PhotoVelikon2002-2 PhotoVelikon2002-3 The Easter afternoon
The Easter afternoon program was prepared by our youth on Palm Sunday, March 24, 2002. The Strašnice Chamber Orchestra played some pieces of A. Vivaldi and sang Randall´s Alleluia. In a one-act drama ”Between the Heaven and Earth” a dying old man Otčenášek (T. Jilemnický) evaluates his entire life and is trying to find a proper life resume. The play was written by Petr Kulhanek (20).

PhotoKoncerty2002-1 PhotoKoncerty2002-2 PhotoKoncerty2002-3 PhotoKoncerty2002-4 PhotoKoncerty2002-5 The Three Winter Organ Concerts
The annual three winter organ concerts took place in our chapel during January Sunday evenings (January 13, 20 and 27. 2002). Gradually we could listen to organists Bohumir Rabas, Eva Waldmannova (with a chamber orchestra) and Petr Rajnoha, who all presented classical authors, such as G.F.Händel, C.Franck, J.S. Bach, J. Brahms and others. The music was complemented by contemplative biblical recitation.

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