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Last updated: January 25, 2009

You can find here photos of excursions, camps, concerts and many other meetings of our Strašnice congregation . Also some pictures of nature are available at this www site which is actualized continuously. The newest photos are ordered at the head of this page.

Photo – Chronicle 2003

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PhotoVanoce2003-1 PhotoVanoce2003-2 PhotoVanoce2003-3 Christmas Theatre
A piece by Pavel Dvořáček named “Let the Flood Come over us or A little bit from Insect Life” was performed by children and youth on Sunday 21st December 2003 in Strašnice assembly hall and the day before in the congregation of Libčice (15 km North of Prague). This is an ironical Christmas allegory inspired by the world of adults.
Videoclip MPEG (8.8 MB) to download: Video 56".

PhotoAdvent2003-1 PhotoAdvent2003-2 PhotoAdvent2003-3 Traditional Advent Meeting
The program of Sunday afternoon on 7th December 2003 was, as usually, filled mostly with the creativity of children and youth. It consisted of two short spectacles: “Animals around the Manger” by Zdeněk Šorm and “An Uncommon Christmas” by Jiří Slouka. Strašnice Chamber Orchestra played “Concerto Grosso” by A. Corelli. Reading of the Bible and common singing, of course, didn’t absent.

PhotoMostSpirko-1 PhotoMostSpirko-2 PhotoMostSpirko-3 Petr Špirko installed as the Minister in Most City
Ceremony by which Petr Špirko was named the new minister of Most congregation was held on Sunday afternoon, 17th November 2003. Petr Špirko used to work in Strašnice congregation as a vicar, so a lot of our members took part at this installation.

PhotoKozakov2003-1 PhotoKozakov2003-2 PhotoKozakov2003-3 Mineral Collecting Expedition
On Saturday 18th October 2003 we collected minerals at several localities in the Northeast of Bohemia: Smrčí, Kozákov and Doubravice. The expedition was a successful one; it can be seen from the photo of found mineral samples: agate, amethyst, olivine, malachite, carnelian, calcite, chlorite and delessite. Besides them also mordenite and baryte was found. Expedition was prepared under the leading of Jiří Slouka, a geologist. Conditions were good also by means of sunshine and autumn colors.

PhotoZoo2003-1 PhotoZoo2003-2 PhotoZoo2003-3 Autumn Trip of Children - the ZOO
We visited Prague zoo together with children and youth on Saturday 11th October 2003. Besides other, we have seen a new “Indonesian Hall” (still under the construction) and all departments open to the public nowadays. We watched feeding of otters and sea lions as well as their “artist performance”. At the end of the trip there was a time for games.

PhotoKesterns2003-1 PhotoKesterns2003-2 PhotoKesterns2003-2 A Visit from Kesteren
Our friends from the Reformed Church of Holland at Kesteren visited us on the first weekend of October 2003. A group of them was quite a large one. Our contact with this congregation lasts for many years; lately there was a visit of Kesteren choir “Sound of Life” in Prague in May 2002. HomePage of the Sound of Life.

PhotoChotebor2003-1 PhotoChotebor2003-2 PhotoChotebor2003-3 PhotoChotebor2003-4 Weekend at Chotěboř
Last weekend of September (19. -21.9.2003) we spent again at our base near Chotěboř, as every year. The weather was very nice with temperatures above 30 degree centigrade. That is quite a surprise in this time and at this site. That was for we made a trip on Saturday afternoon, for the Ransko Lakes natural reserve. Evening “programs” consisted of dialogues, singing with guitar and sitting at the campfire.

PhotoBilyPotokNSZoo2003-1 PhotoBilyPotokNSZoo2003-2 PhotoBilyPotokNSZoo2003-3 Children‘s camp at Bílý Potok
Children of our Sunday school spent the last week of August 2003 at Bílý Potok together with their leaders recruited mostly from youth. This year’s camp play was situated in prehistory. In the beginning, our “herd” split into two “packs” that race one another on the way for winter shelter. But an obstacle was waiting in the “home cave”: a mammoth. And for its driving out a re-unification was needed…

PhotoBilyPotokMladez2003-1 PhotoBilyPotokMladez2003-2 PhotoBilyPotokMladez2003-3 Youth of Strašnice at Bílý Potok
One-week meeting of youth took place at Bílý Potok from 10th to 17th August 2003. This activity was meant as a substitute for traditional “Water tour” - after all, the name of the place meaning “White Brook” is also a name for a certain kind of water. There were sports and tours enough – but besides them a time for study of Apostles’ Creed. Someone could say we “cannot get” this text from 4th century – but in spite of that, it was a good inspiration for us. As appeared, we “get it” whole without any problem.

PhotoHvozdnice2003-1 PhotoHvozdnice2003-2 PhotoHvozdnice2003-3 Children's Weekend at Hvozdnice
Kids of James the Miller - was a name of the camp play for children of our Sunday School that spent the weekend from 13th to 15th June 2003 in the congregational house at Hvozdnice near Prague. The plot of this play was situated to times after the battle of Bílá Hora (17th to early 18th century) when Bible was a real treasure for Czech evangelical Christians. Weekend was full of games, singing and excellent mood.

PhotoMost2003-1 PhotoMost2003-2 PhotoMost2003-3 PhotoMost2003-4 Trip of Straašnice Congregation
Traditional coach trip on Saturday Juáne 7, 2003, was lead to Northern Bohemia. We visited a unique dean church in Most City, as well as the congregation of our church, Osek monastery, ruins of Lutheran church at Hrob, Komáří Vížka viewpoint and Doksany monastery.

PhotoKonfirmace2003-1 PhotoKonfirmace2003-2 PhotoKonfirmace2003-3 Confirmation ceremony
Sunday services on 18th May 2003 meant a great event for Strašnice congregation. The confirmation of five young people was connected with baptism of two of them and with the Holy Communion. Confirmation is a festival meeting by which young brothers and sisters are accepted to be official members of the congregation. They prepare a long time for it, they study Christian confession, Bible and history of the church of Christ. But the most important is their own decision to depend on the true Lord of life. The festival itself is only a top of their ripening and the beginning of the next one.

PhotoCeskyRaj2003-1 PhotoCeskyRaj2003-2 PhotoCeskyRaj2003-3 1st of May in the Czech Paradise
A traditional trip accompanied by traditionally nice weather, for this time on Thursday, May 1, 2003. In the number of about 30 persons and 9 cars, we visited Prachovské Skály (a scenic rock formation), the Pařez rock castle (14.cent.) and several viewpoints -. Prevysina and Kozakov (744 mnm).

PhotoVelikon2003-1 PhotoVelikon2003-2 PhotoVelikon2003-3 The Easter Afternoon
Program of the Palm Sunday afternoon, 13th April 2003, was traditionally prepared by youth. Strašnice Chamber Orchestra performed two pieces by Johann Pachelbel. Following theatre, one-act chamber play, was written by Jiří Slouka under the title “The Morning of Jerusalem (The Year After)”. It was dedicated to the memory of Tadeáš Jilemnický (a young actor of Strašnice ensemble who tragically died in July 2002).

PhotoKoncerty2003-1 PhotoKoncerty2003-2 PhotoKoncerty2003-3 Musical Meetings
Three concerts on Sunday afternoons were held in January, as it already became a tradition. The program was following: 12th January 2003: Strašnice Chamber Orchestra conducted by J. Waldmann, and soloists – F.X. Thuri, J.S. Bach, B. Marcello, T. Baird, 19th January 2003: M. Fillová – Šimůnková (soprano) and J. Kšica (organ) – F.X. Brixi, J.K. Vaňhal, G. Fauré, G. Frescobaldi, G. Verdi and W.A. Mozart, And the last concert on 26th January 2003: A. Bárta (organ) and O. Balcar (double bass) – D. Buxtehude, G.F. Händel, J.S. Bach, S.A. Kusevicki and F. Liszt. A short biblical contemplation was added every time.

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