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Last updated: January 6, 2014

You can find here photos of excursions, camps, concerts and many other meetings of our Strašnice congregation . Also some pictures of nature are available at this www site which is actualized continuously. The newest photos are ordered at the head of this page.

Photo – Chronicle 2012

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Photo-Vanoční divadlo-2012_1 Photo-Vanoční divadlo-2012_2 Photo-Vanoční divadlo-2012_3 Christmas Performance 2012
The creche in a living room? But actually it is precisely not so - it is true, that our nativity scene went on in a prefab, but in the good old Israeli Bet-lechem too. The message is quite clear: only through remembering the old story we don't take too much from Christmas. It is better to look at our vicinity, our relations, neighbours, passers-by, in order to see in them the characters of Christmas creche, having been ones carved of wood by Christmas creche cutters. They came too, our relatives and neighbours, to bow before the Christmas Child. But maybe they don't know it yet. Only after you have turned your home, apartment, town into a Christmas creche you will understand what proper Christmas is. Children of Strasnice Sunday-school played the Christmas performance "Christmas Creche in the Living Room" on the third advent Sunday, December 16, 2012 in the time of sermon in the Strasnice congregation and on Saturday 15, 2012 in the congregation of our church in Cesky Brod. The text of the performance and the songs you can download from Internet - Text and songs - PDF file, on Evangnet you can find 50 selected photos - Photo Gallery 2012.

Photo-Advent-2012_1 Photo-Advent-2012_2 Photo-Advent-2012_3 Advent Congregational Afternoon
As already a tradition is, it was our youth, who prepared the congregational Advent Sunday afternoon, on the second Advent Sunday, December 9, 2012. Pavel Hanych opened the meet with a biblical reflection. The dramatic group played "Snow Queen" by Christian Andersen in the adaptation by Jan Dusek. In the interpretation of children chamber orchestra we could hear the compositions - Aria for two clarinets by Johann Sebastian Bach, Pizzato for a string quartet by Christoph Willibald Gluck and Sonata-I for a string trio by Arcangelo Corelli. The play of youth " Isn't it too late?" by Majda Sipkova, which was in fact a fantasy, set us forward to the 25th century. The program of the Advent meet in Strasnice was topped up by the common singing of carols, a rich refreshment and the traditional tombola. In the Photo Gallery on Evangnet you can find 30 selected photos - PhotoGallery - Advent 2012.

PhotoStrasKonfirmace2012-1 PhotoStrasKonfirmace2012-2 PhotoStrasKonfirmace2012-3 Baptism and Confirmation Ceremony
On the occasion of Sunday's church service of our congregation, October 21, 2012, two young people were baptized and together with the third - girl - were confirmed too. The confirmation ceremony was preceded by two year preparation time, where the young people thought over the basis of their Christian orientation and got needed information on bible, church history, prayer and Profession of Faith of The Evangelical Church of Czech Brethern. Baptism and confirmation confirm, that also contemporary people are touched by the biblical words about God's love to human being. We wish the old new sisters and the brother to keep this certainty as in good times as in the others. The attached preachment is the collective work of seven people - baptized, confirmed and other young congregation members, together with the congregation minister. The text of the sermon you can download - Document Word-RTF.. In the Photo Gallery on Evangnet you can find 35 selected photos - Photo Gallery - Konfirmace 2012.

PhotoHrusice-NS-2012-1 PhotoHrusice-NS-2012-2 PhotoHrusice-NS-2012-3 Children's Autumn Trip to Hrusice
Marcena with the team of teachers prepared the Sunday school children's trip - October 13, 2012. The destination of our travel were Senohrady, Hrusice of Lada (famous painter). We made a little camp-fire in the garden of Lada museum where we baked sausages and then we looked over a lot of Lada's pictures. We played a lot of plays and took a little walk too. For children and teachers It was a nice day full of sun and fun. We thank you Marcela.

PhotoStrasChotebor2012-1 PhotoStrasChotebor2012-2 PhotoStrasChotebor2012-3 The Congregational Weekend in Chotebor
The traditional autumn congregational weekend we spent in the evangelical center in Chotebor in the time from 5th to 11th October 2012. The trip we organized together with the Smichov congregation and we were almost 90. The youth devoted the nice, sunny and almost summer Saturday to volleyball or netball and it was Lada Janecek, who organized the afternoon trip to Havlickova Borova and Zizkovo pole. In the evening there was the usual campfire and of cause singing songs of various genres with guitar, violin, bass and electronic piano. Both ministers prepared the Sunday church service (preaching) in the form of a mutual dialog. On Evangnet it is possible to find 100 selected photos - Photo Gallery - Podzimní Chotěboř 2012.

PhotoKrizlice_2012-2 PhotoKrizlice_2012-3 PhotoKrizlice_2012-1 A Week of our Youth (Mountains) in Krizice
This year's week of the Strasnice group – from 29th July to 4th August 2012 – was accompanied by very nice weather. So we could settle a deficit from the last year and much more wander over hills. But in spite of that something has remained for the next year. The evenings programs were quite different from the last year's ones and other our programs at all. The biblical stories, just those the most „tasties,“ we not only thought over, but we also lived them out as if we participated in them. To see or to be for a while a sinful woman having been forgiven her sins – that is something quite different from reading only about it. And what about to build a statue of all participants of the story, what would it look like?

PhotoSobehrdy_Tabor_NS_2012-1 PhotoSobehrdy_Tabor_NS_2012-2 PhotoSobehrdy_Tabor_NS_2012-3 Summer Camp for Sunday School Children in Zatisi
For children's summer camp, July 1-10, 2012, we chose Zatisi in Plzen region. The camp we really enjoyed. We played robber's bands, in the play we saved the descendants of atamans and the whole forest too. The forest was full of dwarfs, hops, little animals and odd small creatures. At the end we persuaded the atamans themselves to give up robberies and frays and to live in concord with other people and nature too. We enjoyed a lot of adventures, fun, friends and nature.

PhotoSobehrdy_NS_2012-1 PhotoSobehrdy_NS_2012-2 PhotoSobehrdy_NS_2012-2 Weekend's Camp of the Sunday School in Sobehrdy
Weekend's mini-camp for Sunday school children, June 15-17, 2012, was accompanied by the play „A Dream of Pharaoh“. The plot is known from Genesis 41 as the story of 7 fat and 7 lean cows. Through competitions and plays children gained Egyptian talents of silver for Joseph to build granaries. The weekend we spent in the garden of Sobehrdy vicarage or in a wood having a fast summer weather. 24 children and 9 Sunday school teachrers increased substantially the participant's number of the Sunnday's church service. It was Pavel Klinecky who prepared the church service and the children handed over to the Sobehrdy congregation a gift – a projection screen having been bought from children's money collectings in our Sunday school. In the photo gallery on Evangnet it is possible to see 70 selected photos - Photo Gallery - Soběhrdy NŠ 2012.

PhotoCeskyRaj2012-1 PhotoCeskyRaj2012-2 PhotoCeskyRaj2012-3 On 1st May to the Czech Paradise
As usual, approximately 40 participants took part in the traditional trip to the Czech Paradise on Tusday, May 1, 2012. I was Jan Balcar, who prepared excellently this year's trip – with fast summer weather. The itinerary lead from Nova Ves near Brandez, through pine wood to the castle Kost. Then we went through Plakanek Valley, where is the most beautiful view of the castle Kost, and in the afternoon we returned past Bily and Partotak pools to the fork with memorial stones and back to Nova Ves.

PhotoVelikon2012-1 PhotoVelikon2012-2 PhotoVelikon2012-3 Easter Afternoon
It is our youth that prepares, as it has become already tradition, congregation Easter afternoon on Palm Sunday. The Sunday afternoon, on April 1, 2012, was opened by Tomas Najbrt's biblical reflection. The children dramatic group, led by Filip Dusek, played two plays „Conjuring Tricks“ and „On a Desert“ by Roark Bradford's text. It was again Filip Dusek, who dramatized the plays. Strasnice's youth played the play „The Second Day“ by Daniel Rehak. The new still increasing Strasnice's chamber orchestra, under the leading of sister Vojtiskova, played the compositions by K. Stanic and A. Borodin. The program of Easter meet in Strasnice was completed by common singing and a rich treat with Easter lamb-cakes. In the photo gallery on Evangnet you can find 30 selected photos - Photo Gallery - Velikonoce 2012.

Photo-Stanovsky2012-1 Photo-Stanovsky2012-2 Photo-Stanovsky2012-3 The Opening of Martin 'B' Stanovsky's Photo Exhibition
Martin 'B' Stanovsky is a freelance artistic and graphic designer, photographer, composer, lyric writer, bluesman, guitarist and teacher at the fine art section of the Basic Art-School in Prague 4, and the co-author of the Poetic document "Verticals of Zizkov" too. On Friday February 17, 2012 he acquainted us with his works on the occasion of his photo exhibition opening. The "Yellow Room" of our congregation gained in such a way a new exhibition, in which our congregation action visitors can take pleasure.

PhotoKoncerty2012-1 PhotoKoncerty2012-2 PhotoKoncerty2012-3 The January concerts in Strasnice
It was again Jan Balzar who already for the fourteenth time prepared a cycle of the January concerts. At the first concert on January 15, 2012 the ensemble Collegium Instrumentale, with its conductor Pavel Tylsar, played wind serenades by A.Dvorak, J.Brahms and W.A.Mozart. At the second concert on January 22 could be heard the soprano soloist Tereza Novakova, with piano accompaniment by Petra Klimesova and Miroslav Orsag's baritone with piano accompaniment by Radomira Slegrova, in the works by F.Cavalli, G.Frescobaldi, G.Martini, G.F.Händel, Z.Lukas, A.Dvorak and B.Smetana. The third concert on January 29 was an orgal concert, where Eva Bublova played the works by W.A.Mozart, J.Brahms, L.Vierne, B.A.Wiedermann and R.Schumann. Concerts were always accompanied by a biblical reflection.

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